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Dan Hollings' The Plan Best Bonus Package By Founding Member Is Both Unique and Complementary

jason fladlien with Rapid Crush T shirt

Jason Fladlien, publisher of The Plan, encourages affiliates to offer bonuses that are complementary and congruent to the main product

Founding member Marcus Lim featured in the trailer video

Founding member Marcus Lim offers a bonus package that complements The Plan

1-1 bot setup with dan hollings

One of Marcus Lim's bonuses is the recording of the 1-1 bot setup call with Dan Hollings

Marcus Lim is a founding member and early adopter of Dan Hollings' The Plan and he is in a unique position to offer a bonus package that complements The Plan.

A good bonus package should not be incongruent to the main product, but should be complementary.”
— Jason Fladlien, publisher of The Plan
LEWES, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, December 10, 2021 / -- Dan Hollings' The Plan is the biggest online investing training launch of the year and there is no shortage of affiliates backing the launch and offering their bonuses to entice someone to purchase.

With so many bonus packages to offer, how does the customer decide which bonus package is best?

The choice of 'best' is subjective, but according to The Plan publisher and Rapid Crush CEO Jason Fladlien, here are some tips he would like affiliates of The Plan to consider.

Above all, Jason is of the view that a good bonus package should not be incongruent with the main product but rather it should complement the main product. What this means is that it should not pile on any unnecessary extras just for the sake of 'having more'.

This is a mistake that a lot of marketers make when offering bonus after bonus because of the perceived 'more is better' mentality. After all, at its core, The Plan is a very simple system, so to introduce more coaching calls and more content may actually have the opposite effect of distracting rather than helping.

It is also important to realize that The Plan is not about chasing moonshots, so be wary of bonus packages that offer a moonshot bonus as this will run counter to the messaging of The Plan. Dan calls it the PLAN for a reason, and this is because when he started in crypto, he did chase moonshots but lost a lot of money because chasing moonshots is not a proper plan to survive in crypto land.

Another related point is that The Plan is not about trading. As such, any bonus that teaches you how to trade and read charts is actually going to detract from the main message of The Plan which is to do nothing. The Plan is a 'set and forget' system to generate passive income and Dan himself likes to emphasize that it is not a course about trading, because it is about automating crypto bots to do the trading on your behalf.

On the flip side, Jason does encourage complementary bonuses like building a community that the customer can join and share results, as well as some kind of 'learn as you go' component that will allow new members to see how The Plan is applied in a real account across months along with the results.

Founding member Marcus Lim has put together a bonus package that he considers to be 'best' after taking all these points into consideration.

As a founding member, Marcus is in a unique position to offer an 'over the shoulder' hands-on experience that applies the lessons in The Plan to a live bot setup. As an early adopter, Marcus was able to get on a one on one call with Dan himself, who helped to set up his bots. This zoom call was recorded, and Marcus is now making it available as one of the bonuses in his bonus package.

According to Marcus, this bonus allows new members to experience The Plan through a founding member's eyes. Given that Dan will never do one on one calls ever again, this is indeed a rare opportunity to get the same 'over the shoulder' experience that only the early adopters had.

It is by no means essential, but is surely a fascinating opportunity to experience The Plan through the eyes of a founding member.

Marcus took it one step further however - he took it upon himself to document his progress on video every step of the way since that very first day. The result of all that hard work can best be described as a live video case study of The Plan in action now 6 months in, which is the second bonus that Marcus is offering.

As an early adopter, Marcus was able to set up bots earlier than anyone else so he is able to present results in advance, so that new members can get a sense of what to expect a few months into the future.

Given that The Plan is a long game, not a get rich quick scheme, being able to see the progress of someone who is a few steps ahead can be very illuminating and can also take away some of the fear and doubt that new members have before starting their own bots with real money on the line.

This is why Dan Hollings recommends every member to play in 'demo' mode to gain enough confidence before going forward with real money on the bots. With Marcus' bonus video progress series, new members now have have an additional resource to get mentally prepared to gain the confidence required to move forward with clarity.

It is an ongoing series, so people who receive the bonus will continue to be able to track Marcus' progress with his bots moving forward.

On top of this, Marcus will also share read only access to all his live bots so members can see in real time which bots are running.

Another bonus is something that Jason recommends, namely a community where members can come and share results, learn from each other, or simply brag about their bot profits. So Marcus is happy to oblige by offering a Facebook group for all the members who join through him.

In addition, Marcus is providing text or Skype support for any member who needs help or gets stuck. As an early adopter, Marcus is likely to have encountered the same issues and questions that new members would have, and so he is happy to lend a helping hand if required.

Is Marcus' bonus package the best option? Only the customer can decide, though it should be noted that many of these bonuses are possible only because of Marcus' unique position as a founding member and early adopter of The Plan.

For a full list of all the bonuses in the bonus package, visit Marcus Lim's bonus package for The Plan.

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Founding members of The Plan talk about their experience including Marcus Lim who is offering an exclusive bonus package for people who purchase through him