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ClearOPS announces partnership with Reynen Court

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ClearOPS announces partnership with Reynen Court to bring AI powered privacy and security operations knowledge management to law firms and their clients.

NEW YORK, NY, U.S.A., December 9, 2021 / -- ClearOPS, the first to build and iterate on A.I. automation for security questionnaires and privacy assessments, today announced a strategic alliance with Reynen Court, the leader in bringing pre-vetted cloud-based legal technology solutions to global law firms and legal departments. As part of this partnership, ClearOPS will be featured in Reynen Court's Solution Store.

“I used to work for Gunderson Dettmer and then I became General Counsel to two tech startups before starting ClearOPS. I consider myself an early adopter but I always had to spend a lot of time on due diligence so that I didn’t risk my reputation. The Reynen Court Platform offers tremendous value by enabling lawyers to find the right, pre-vetted tools that help those lawyers perform at the top of their game without the risk,” said Caroline McCaffery, ClearOPS CEO & Co-founder. “We are excited that ClearOPS has been added as a partner to Reynen Court’s vendor ecosystem. We believe that Reynen’s Court mission to help law firms and legal departments deploy secure software complements our own mission in privacy and security.”

ClearOPS works with global law firms and in-house departments to manage privacy and security operations data. Once that data is out of the siloes, it can be used to improve efficiency in tasks, such as privacy impact assessments and security questionnaires. In addition, ClearOPS vendor monitoring automatically collects public research data on vendors, simplifying regulatory compliance for third party risk.

As a platform that was influenced by an attorney, ClearOPS offers global law firms and legal departments an intuitive, collaborative workflow between colleagues and clients, and a system of record for legal defensibility.

“We are pleased to welcome ClearOPS into the Reynen Court Solution Store” said Christian Lang, Head of Strategy at Reynen Court. “The pain and friction associated with evaluating and managing infosec risk in the legal market is enormous and growing, as legal enterprises consume more and more third-party software and vendors scramble to comply with some of the world’s most exacting security regime. Helping to alleviate that pain—for both buyers and sellers of software—is at the heart of our mission at Reynen Court. ClearOPS shares that mission, and its solution (e.g., security questionnaire answer libraries, Service Provider Reports, and automatic population of pre-approved questionnaire responses for data and privacy RFPs and RFIs) can bring some much needed relief for perpetual pain points that raise significant obstacles to speedy tech adoption.

“Besides, what lawyer doesn’t want to play with A.I.?” challenges Caroline McCaffery.

About ClearOPS
ClearOPS, Inc. knowledge management for privacy and security operations data secures trust between buyers and sellers. Evolving regulations demand that organizations have better oversight of their operations and be able to prove how they keep sensitive data private and secure. However, most organizations are not ready for these demands due to immature privacy and security operations. ClearOPS offers a simple way to collect that organizational data and uses A.I. technology to replace tedious data entry tasks. With the knowledge in hand, organizations improve processes and internal communication, making it easier and faster to respond to security questionnaires, conduct privacy impact assessments and monitor their vendors. With this technology, organizations don’t have to turn customers away because of a lengthy, time-consuming questionnaire and can breathe easier at night knowing that they have compliance covered. For more information, visit

About Reynen Court
Reynen Court Inc. ( makes it fast, easy and secure for law firms and in-house legal departments to discover, test, adopt and manage Artificial Intelligence, Smart Contracts and other new technologies. Our platform enables firms to run cloud-based applications either on-premises or within virtual private clouds under their own control—thus giving access to modern software solutions without requiring a sacrifice of security or stability.

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