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ClearOPS announces another giant leap in automating security questionnaire response.

Respond to security reviews faster

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How sales processes a security questionnaire

With its focus on saving customers time, ClearOPS releases enhanced support for security questionnaires and privacy impact assessments.

Sales teams need lightning fast turn around to successfully close new revenue.”
— Caroline McCaffery
NEW YORK, NY, U.S.A., September 22, 2021 / -- ClearOPS, Inc., the first knowledge management platform for privacy and security operations data, today announced another enormous step forward in its A.I.-powered pre-populate functionality for security questionnaires. After last year's launch, ClearOPS just released enhanced support for security questionnaire import and conversion processes further providing valuable time savings for its customers.

ClearOPS works with vendors to manage privacy and security operations data, turning it into A.I.-assisted organizational knowledge. Once that knowledge is out of departmental silos, it can be employed to improve efficiency for such tasks as security questionnaire response for sales teams, particularly during the end of the quarter crunch time.

“Sales teams usually receive a security questionnaire at the very end of the sale. With time being of the essence, they need lightning fast turn-around,” said Caroline McCaffery, ClearOPS CEO & Co-founder. “Unfortunately, every security questionnaire is slightly different with all sorts of crazy formatting that can slow down their response and push deals into the next quarter. As the first company to incorporate A.I. into pre-populating answers to all those slightly different questionnaires, we are constantly on the look-out for opportunities to save our customers even more time and get that sale. With this new feature, we accomplish that goal with a frictionless user experience.”

About ClearOPS
ClearOPS, Inc. offers organizations knowledge management for their privacy and security operations data. Evolving regulations demand that organizations have better oversight of their operations and be able to prove how they keep sensitive data private and secure. However, most organizations are not ready for these demands due to disparate privacy and security operations. ClearOPS offers a simple way to collect that organizational data and uses A.I. technology to replace tedious data entry tasks. With the knowledge in hand, organizations improve processes and internal communication, making it easier and faster to respond to security reviews, conduct accurate privacy impact assessments and monitor their vendors. With this technology, organizations don’t have to turn business away because of a lengthy, time-consuming questionnaire and can breathe easier at night knowing that they have compliance covered. For more information, visit or subscribe to their blog on Substack. Want to see the ROI on a security questionnaire? Read our blog on "The Cost of Security Theater."

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