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JODHPUR, RAJASTHAN, INDIA, December 9, 2021 / -- A pioneer in making Indian-style tents, Raj Tent has provided clients with individual needs tailored to their taste for over a decade now. The Indian-style tents or the Indian Tents are famous for the grandeur and hint of luxury they set at any ceremony. These tents can be the perfect choice of accommodation for occasions such as weddings, birthday events, religious events, camping, hotel accommodations, fashion events, charity events. An Indian Tent is bound to set a status of luxury and class in events of all types.

Indian Tents have been around for a long time. The history they carry and the cultural richness they convey can only be preserved when they are made with advanced technologies and international standard materials. Coupled with ideas, design, and the cultural knowledge of the native people, these tents result in magnificent pieces of art that are praised and bought all over the world. These colourful and affordable Indian tents are available here

Presence of Indian Tent abroad

Indian Tents have made their presence throughout the frontiers of India. They are often seen at wedding ceremonies with an open space for accommodation, rituals, and the likes. However, with the digitalization and booming social media presence, these Indian-style Indian Tents have also caught the attention of people outside India, particularly in the West. More and more weddings abroad are seeing the presence of these elaborate Indian Tents. Some of the Indian styled tents that have received much appreciation and praise all over the world are:

Classic Pergola Tents
Royal Pergola Tents
Pavilion Tents
Maharaja Tents
Ottoman Tents
Mughal Tents
Shikar Tents

Types of Indian Tents

Today Indian Tents come in a plethora of designs and make. The wider range helps serve the various events they are purchased for. Following is a small list of such tents that can be bought for any event

Wedding Tents
Indian Tents
Garden Tents
Luxury Tents
Royal Tents
Arabian Tents
Handmade Tents
Pergola Tents
Maharaja Tents
Pavilion Tents
Ottoman Tents
Mughal Tents
Safari Tents

All these and much more are made with professional detailing, close screening, and quality check here at Raj Tent.

What makes Indian Tents special

Tents have been a part of every culture all around the world, but there's something that sets Indian tents apart. People all around the world and throughout time have been bedazzled by the art and design that is found in abundance in India.

The rich, minute and detailed patterns and colours speak the history of a culturally rich India that has borrowed and personalized styles from different cultures. The designs have maintained a distinct royal and vibrant touch that is unmatched even today. These designs find their way in the colossal Indian Tents that manifold any event's elegance, sophistication, or bling. Indian tents are not only fit for loud and colourful parties but also for parties that require a certain standard of sophistication.

Presence of Raj Tent in the market

Raj Tent has built numerous relations with clients nationwide and abroad for more than a decade. They do not build clientele but relationships. These relationships take them forward and help them introduce the magic of Indian tents to the far reaches of the world. Their tents have found a place in various events. The custom design ensures these traditional Indian tents fit the aesthetics of each event. Raj Tent uses materials built to stand all types of weather conditions. Their international standard materials pass all the quality checks necessary.

They have helped numerous parties host successful events of all types. The promise of quality, finesse, and service is quite unmatched, which customers are not likely to find anywhere else. The customer service makes sure that customers are provided with updates and acknowledged at every step. From designing and customization to subsequent delivery updates, the customer service makes sure they have every knowledge of their order irrespective of the location. Raj Tent uses only the best courier partners like FedEx and DHL to ensure timely and safe shipping and delivery of products.

Indian Tents might be a common sight at wedding events but, Raj Tent has provided magnificent and luxurious tents to many other events such as birthday parties, auctions, festivals, and the likes.

They are dedicated to introducing the rich cultural heritage and tradition of tent-making, which is an integral part of Indian culture. India is known for its dazzling artwork and the attention to detail in all art forms, whether paintings or architecture. The Indian tent instantly familiarizes its occupants with the aforementioned artwork. Yet, individually customized, Raj Tent never loses the touch of traditional beauty and elegance in their products.

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