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iMorph Smart Health Technologies, Inc. Develops Its Prototype Smart Wearable Technology Solution For Smoking Cessation

CigFree SmartBand™ is The All-Natural Healthy Non-Nicotine Non-Invasive Non-Drug Low-cost Solution for Quitting Smoking

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2021 / -- iMorph Smart Health Technologies, Inc. (iMorph), makers CigFree SmartBand™, was formed uniquely to return personal health choices to individuals by leveraging AI algorithms and machine learning in our wearable smart technology to converge with 100% automated proven self-help psychology, personal affirmations to eliminate or ease large scale health problems by modifying personal behavioral habits. Adrian Vargas, CEO, stated, “iMorph intends to lead the future of the personal health segment of the burgeoning tele-health market.”

Younis Zubchevich, President, added, “Our tech team has completed our prototype flagship smoking cessation solution, CigFree SmartBand™. Cigfree is our proprietary automated wearable smart band for smokers and vapers who want to quit smoking and vaping without the potentially hazardous side effects of costly drug programs, or ingesting nicotine by chewing gum and wearing patches for years, and vaping.” He continued, “We have completed the algorithm to teach each smart band a smoker’s unique smoking gesture and paired with our phone App to deliver recorded positive affirmation messages in one’s own voice each time a smoker smokes.”

Adrian Vargas noted, “We will be building our gesture data to bolster our algorithm to learn most smoking gestures. Thereafter, we are preparing to conduct our Institutional Review Board open label design clinical study with two credentialed clinicians to assess the extent our CigFree SmartBand™ solution leads to a significantly greater reduction or cessation of smoking than a similar population of non-participants.”

As iMorph builds its smart band design and develops its manufacturing in the U.S., it expects to seek affinity relationships with recognized health sites that have substantial On-Line followings, such as #AmericanLungAssociation, #AmericanHeartAssociation, #TheAmericanCancerSociety and other large tobacco free organizations to help accelerate smoking cessation in America.

iMorph is working with Wefunder, an investment portal with approximately 1.3 million subscribers, to secure its “A’ round financing that will enable it to complete its clinical trial and develop its production requirements. For additional information:

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