Kenya’s Kavod Foundation Honors US Native Billy Graham, Jr. with The Kavod Foundation International Service Award

Universal Peace Ambassador Dr. Juma Nashon, Billy Graham, Jr., Damaris Njoroge and World Civility Ambassador Dr. Ruben West

Billy Graham, Jr. of the United States

Billy Graham, Jr. of the United States Receives the Dr. Astell Collins Global Inspiration Award

Billy Graham, Jr. speaking to audience in Nairobi, Kenya

Billy Graham, Jr. receives Kenya Flag Pin from World Civility Ambassador and Kenya Native Winnie Joy

Billy Graham, Jr. of the United States Honored for His International Service while Speaking at Multiple Events in Kenya

People around the world are looking for a solution, and for someone, that solution may be you.”
— Dr. Ruben West
NAIROBI CITY, GREENSPAN, KENYA, November 30, 2021 / -- During a public event that took place on Saturday, November 20th, 2021, in Nairobi, Kenya, Dr. Juma Nashon and Damaris Njoroge honored Billy Graham Jr with The Kavod Foundation International Service Award.

The Kavod Foundation is a Kenyan-based nonprofit organization focused on providing services to people in need. The organization is dedicated to improving the livelihoods of disadvantaged individuals in the communities in Africa. Through the Showers of Mercy Initiative, the foundation has provided food, clothing, improved the deplorable house structures of widows, and provided them with other forms of personal assistance even during this COVID crisis.

The organization has also been able to train and empower women with life skills and entrepreneurial skills to engage in income-generating enterprises. The foundation’s efforts have even extended beyond the borders of Kenya to mentor and foster young boys and girls from vulnerable families.

The Kavod Foundation leaders decided to honor U.S. native Billy Graham Jr. for his effective mentorship with transparency programs that allowed others to see into his life and reflect on their own lives. Mr. Graham has made multiple trips to Kenya speaking and training at an number of events covering a wide age range of attendees. He even met with the leaders of VUMA Globe-Women Network to coordinate training and investment funds for its members.

Billy is a global speaker, coach, trainer, and retired Air Force veteran. After serving for 20 years in the military, he now focuses on developing leaders and teams as he challenges them to demand more from themselves and hold themselves to a higher standard. His teachings have inspired many to unlock their gifts within and helped them find their purpose to live the life they are destined for. In addition, Billy’s coaching and mentorship on leadership and teamwork have connected him with others on an international level. This has also seen him being honored as one of the 2021 iChange NationsTM Global Inspiration Award recipients.

Dr. Juma Nashon is the CEO of the Kavod Foundation. His commitment to finding persons of excellence across the globe has seen him visit different countries such as the United States. On his most recent trip to the US he visited, Michigan, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, Utah, California, and more.

Prior to this event, the most recent US recipient of the Kavod International Service Award was World Civility Ambassador Dr. Ruben West of Illinois. When Dr. West was asked how he felt knowing that Billy Graham Jr. was the next US awardee he said, “it’s obvious the Kavod foundation has done their research. Billy Graham, Jr. id top notch!”

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