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Scalar Energy Researcher, Tom Paladino, will present his healing technology, SCALAR LIGHT in the City of Miami

Tom Paladino

Paladino puts his discovery to the service of humanity and offers 30 days of free Scalar Light sessions

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 23, 2021 / -- After 25 years of research developing healing techniques designed to help restore the health of thousands of people with pathogenic infections around the world,Tom Paladino creates a unique device in the world, capable of providing remote, fast and harmless healing of viruses, bacteria, protozoa, parasites and even Ebola, herpes, hepatitis, lyme disease and HIV / AIDS. Next Sunday, December 5th, Paladino will be offering a free lecture at the Hollywood Beach Marriott Hotel to explain how this new technology works, and how it definitely opens the doors to a new era of quantum healing on the planet.

Paladino’s SCALAR LIGHT works with scalar energy, which is the fundamental life force found everywhere in the world, space and the universe. This energy originates from the sun and the stars. Chi, Prana, OM, mana, life force, pyramid energy or zero point energy are synonymous terms for scalar energy.Tom Paladino has been inspired by the discoveries of Nikolas Tesla (inventor of the alternative current) and by T. Galen Hieronymus who developed numerous studies about scalar energy.

The scalar energy generated in the equipment works at a specific quantum level and defragments the molecules of viruses and other pathogens. By eliminating the causing agents of the pathogenic disease, the symptoms associated with the infection decrease until their total disappearance and the person or pet is completely healed.

This technique uses facial photography of people or pets, which are placed in the SCALAR LIGHT equipment. The equipment places the scalar light signature on the photograph no matter where the person is and the person begins to receive the transmission of the scalar energy that directly affects the spirit, mind and body, thus acting by balancing the energy centers, dismantling the substances that steal health and assembling the micronutrient deficiencies simultaneously.

Tom Paladino is placing his discovery at the service of humanity and is offering 30 days of FREE Scalar Light sessions for anyone who wishes to heal viruses or other pathogens or experience the overall health benefits and harmony that scalar energy brings to the body, remotely.

Those who want to take advantage of this healing technique, can go to his website to register for the event and get thirty days of healing and wellness sessions with SCALAR LIGHT for free.xx

Healing and Wellness Conference with SCALAR LIGHT
Tom Paladino will offer a free lecture open to the general public at the Hollywood Beach Marriott located at 2501 N. Ocean Dr., Hollywood, FL 33019, next Sunday December 5th, where he will explain how SCALAR LIGHT scalar energy works in English and Spanish, as well as other nutritional aspects by wellness consultant, Nita Kasan. The presentation will start at 1:00pm in English and at 3:00pm in Spanish for Spanish-speaking audiences. Admission will be free, as well as parking. For registration, click on the following link

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Tom Paladino and his Scalar Light