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New Solar Glossary Illuminates Confusing Industry Jargon

CLEVELAND, OH, UNITED STATES, November 22, 2021 / -- Solar Smarts launches brand new educational resource to help homeowners understand the confusing residential solar industry. This educational hub is designed to help homeowners better understand how home solar systems work, what the terms they are likely to encounter mean, and what kind of system they may need without the pressure of a solar sales representative present. This new portal is live now on and is completely free to use.

SolarSmarts is an educational home solar resource that was launched in 2021 by parent company, The Kolibro Group, to help homeowners shed some light on the sometimes shady solar industry. “We believe that home solar is the future of power generation and consumption. It’s pretty simple when you look at it: so much of the power that is generated at industrial plants is lost in transmission before it ever reaches the consumer. Producing the power where it is used is an obvious choice to transition the planet to a more sustainable future,” said co-founder of Solar Smart’s parent company, Jacob W. Bailey. “The Kolibro Group launched this website to help do our part in creating the future that we want to live in.”

One of the biggest challenges to a new homeowner when considering installing a home solar power system is just deciphering the industry lingo. Since, until recently, most of the industry was electricians and survivalists, the language that surrounds home solar is still difficult to understand for the average person. Solar Smarts was developed to give the average homeowner a leg up in learning what kind of a system they may need, understanding the language, and learning just how it all works together. was launched in 2021 as an initiative of The Kolibro Group to help homeowners move toward a future not reliant on industrial power generation.

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