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Supply Shortages Are Up 638%, What Does This Mean For The Health And Immune Support Industry?

Supply Chain Problems

Supply Chain Shortages up by 638%

Shipping Delays

Unprecedented China to US Shipping Delays

 High Intent Search Increases for Private Label Supplements

High Intent to Purchase Search Increases over the Last 30 Days

Your brand’s supply chain is at risk. This is what you can do about it right now.

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CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 18, 2021 / -- Risks of price variation and product adulteration are on the rise and likely to continue over the next four quarters, according to experts. Breaks and shortages in the supply chain are predominantly to blame for these critical threats expected to impact most businesses over the next 12-months.
Immune Support Supplements At Higher Risk:
The dietary supplement industry is especially vulnerable to these issues as demand for vitamins and other neutraceuticals grows, but supply dwindles.
Due to their extreme popularity, supply-chain specialists are particularly concerned about immune support supplements. Data from Grand View Research, Inc. anticipates that the global immune health supplements market will reach $132 Billion by 2028 due to hiking demand.
As suppliers of raw ingredients and supplement manufacturers struggle to meet this growing need, they are more likely to cut corners or "cut ingredients" to sell more.
This means that if you are a dietary supplement brand owner, it is now more important than ever to work with a trusted and transparent manufacturing partner.
Factors Exacerbating Shortages
According to Resilinc Supply Chain Risk Management, supply shortages were up 638% in the first half of 2021. Factors exacerbating the shortage of quality dietary supplements are at every link of the supply chain.
Labor shortages caused by Covid-19 outbreaks and stay-at-home orders have affected farms where key ingredients are grown and the ports from which these raw materials are shipped.
Energy issues in key manufacturing hubs like China have also affected dietary supplement production. Currently, carbon shortages have affected as much as 44% of the country's industrial activity, which, in turn, has produced unprecedented China to U.S. shipping delays, averaging 73 days - almost double the average shipping time in 2019.
Logistical complications also continue after supplements are manufactured, making it tough to meet the demand. In addition to increasing transportation times, congestions in ports and fewer airline cargo planes have made shipping increasingly expensive.
Supplements Worth Adding To Your Lineup
Although some immune support supplements are at risk of adulteration due to current supply chain issues, dietary supplement brands can still add them to their lineup. The following are three popular immune health supplements that pose a lower risk:
Zinc Supplements
High-intent to purchase searches for the term surged by 172% over the last 30 days on e-commerce platforms like Amazon.
Zinc supplements are one of the most popular supplements under the "Respiratory Tract" segment which has dominated the immune support market since 2020.
Elderberry Supplements
High-intent to purchase searches for the term surged by 76% over the last 30 days on e-commerce platforms like Amazon.
Particularly the term "elderberry gummies" rose in search volume by 41% during the same period.
Vitamin B Supplements
Sellers see an average of tens of thousands of monthly sales for vitamin B supplements on platforms like Amazon.
Searches for the term “vitamin b” have remained stable over the last five years with a 45% increase in searches taking place over the last 30 days.
3 Tips To Protect Your Brand From Inventory Disruptions
In addition to choosing immune support supplements that are less likely to experience product adulteration, brands can implement these three tips to protect them from inventory disruptions.
Fortify your supply chain by choosing a trusted manufacturing partner with the materials and infrastructure needed to meet increasing demand.
Provide your manufacturing partner with your estimated monthly sales volume to help them plan well in advance to mitigate potential shortages or stockouts. Accuracy matters!
Find a supplement and vitamin manufacturer who will consistently answer your emails/calls. A good relationship between clients and providers is all the more important during a crisis.
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