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How Top Private Label Brands Overcame Severe Post-COVID19 Challenges

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Sudden demand surge, extreme shipping delays, and stricter compliance requirements - insights from dietary supplement manufacturer CEO, Robert De Lima.

Here at Private Label Express, our mindset is to be able to support our customer’s brands regardless of the current market conditions, and we always over-deliver.”
— Robert De Lima

CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 3, 2021 / -- Coral Springs, FL, - Due to the worldwide panic fueled by the COVID pandemic, consumer demand for immune-support dietary supplements skyrocketed from the beginning of March 2020. “Brands needed to respond to this rapid and immediate surge,” said Private Label Express CEO, Robert De Lima. “However, most suppliers were not positioned to accomplish this, and their lack of preparation negatively impacted brands relying on them.”

Private Label Express is a nutraceutical manufacturer that leads the industry in supplying brands that are selling their products on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, and Walmart. They have helped their clients thrive through the challenges of COVID-19 with their average client seeing a 500%-plus increase in sales volume with no shipment disruptions. Their forward-thinking inventory management infrastructure and their flexible, transparent compliance standards have proven to be a vital lifeline for their dietary supplement brands. These brands were depending on them to keep their customers supplied during those challenging and uncertain times.

Manufacturers in most industries keep as little inventory as possible of raw materials, components, and finished products on hand to preserve their cash flow. This age-old method can cripple the brands that depend on them when it counts the most. “Here at Private Label Express, our mindset is to be able to support our customer’s brands regardless of the current market conditions, and we always over-deliver," says Mr. De Lima. "Our proprietary purchasing, inventory management, and forecasting system (developed several years ago) has been providing excellent stability to the brands that work with us. This allows them to maximize their growth." Additionally, Private Label Express has rescued and acquired many competitors’ brands who could not get their products due to shipping delays and the unexpected surge in demand.

A major key to their competitive advantage during this tumultuous time period is how they have consistently demonstrated strong regulatory compliance standards since its inception; this has always been one of its foundational priorities. Recently, several e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, have started auditing brands and their formulas with a dramatically higher degree of scrutiny. These increased requirements are necessary for the industry and have been long overdue. This scrutiny will heavily reduce the participation of unprofessional suppliers, manufacturers, and packagers. The result will greatly benefit brands and consumers alike.

However, these new requirements have created intense challenges for any brand owner who is being supplied by a company that isn’t adapting to these new changes. However, the positive takeaway from this is that manufacturers and brands will need to increase their standards quickly or suffer the consequences. For example, all Amazon-based supplement brands were given a deadline of May 31st, 2021 to submit lab tests that must match their labels or these brands will be delisted.

“This compliance push is another instance, like the COVID surge, where brands should be working with a manufacturer that is prepared ahead of time and has the proper procedures in place. However, most are not,” noted Mr. De Lima.

“The entire Private Label Express team strives to be fully transparent and accessible while helping to build and protect brands and their future success every day. Many brands hunt simply for the ‘lowest price’ and ignore these qualities that matter the most."

For brands large and small that are looking for long-term success in this challenging nutraceutical industry, partnering with a manufacturer that has the proper infrastructure, compliance, track record of success, an experienced team, and financial stability, is paramount. These brands should seriously consider these qualities as they narrow their search for a manufacturing partner. Ultimately, to succeed despite these new e-commerce challenges, brands need a forward-thinking manufacturer like Private Label Express.

Private Label Express has been an FDA-inspected, GMP-Certified, South Florida-based manufacturer of high-quality, dietary supplements for pharmacy chains and top eCommerce supplement brands worldwide for over a decade.
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