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One Efficient of Powdered Baby Milk Canning Packing Line Ready to Delivery to Mexico

Powdered Baby Milk Canning Packing Line

Powdered Baby Milk Canning Packing Line

Empty Tin Can Sterilizing Machine (Non-magnetic)

Empty Tin Can Sterilizing Machine (Non-magnetic)

 Auger Filling Machine (Fill-By-Weight)

Auger Filling Machine (Fill-By-Weight)

Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd was produced one set of powdered baby milk canning packing line and will exported to Mexico.

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO, November 13, 2021 / -- On October, 2021, Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd produced one set of powdered baby milk canning packing line. The powdered milk canning line reached the delivery standard and will be exported to Mexico.

It is understood that this milk powder canning packing line includes 5 machines with different functions, they are following:
1, Tin Can Feeding Machine.
2, Empty Tin Can Sterilizing Machine (Non-magnetic).
3, Powdered Milk Auger Filling Machine.
4, Screw Conveyor Feeding Machine.
5, Tin Can Seaming Machine.

Mr. Zhang Feng, the head of the export department. He proudly introduced to us, "The powdered baby milk filling canning packing line is not only using for packaging baby milk powder, but also protein powder, coffee powder and other natural powders. As a capable milk powder canned packagingline manufacturer for more than 20 years. Vtops create quality canning packing line, and provide custom solutions that will greatly serve the clients not only from Asia, but also from North America and Oceania."

In addition, Vtops Powdered Milk Canning Packing Systems feature some great advantages are the following:

An industrial workshop of 40,000 square meters is available to support any reasonable needs of any customer. VTOPS feature the ability to customize the canning systems depending on the customer specific requirements. Whether it is to increase production capacity or specific electrical configurations, it will get it perfect done.

High precision
The Powdered Milk Canning Packing Line are designed with the highest precision and efficiency to ensure that all the processes are accurate. Meanwhile, before handing over the canning packing systems to clients, VTOPS conduct quality tests which involves automatic vacuum sealing performance tests and seam projector tests. By doing these different quality tests to ensure all products are highly accurate in the applications.
It is worth mentioning that the auger filling machine is equipped with a patented Fill-by-Weight system independently developed by Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd. The Fill-by-Weight system will keeping the filling weight error within 1 gram, if the set weight is 1000 grams.

Use of food-grade metal materials
All of the vtops packing machines made of the food-grade materials. Therefore, clients can use high quality machines which won’t contaminate their products.

One-stop Service
Proud of being one-stop-shop because meet all service needs of clients accurately. They have their own designers who can help clients come up with a clear customization idea and achieve it. All the needs met at without being outsourced to other places.

Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd is located in Zhengzhou of China. They have a self-build 40,000 square meter modern production factory. The company design and manufacturing various packaging machines, such as: auger filling machine, vertical form fill seal packing machine, pick fill seal packing machine and other packaging machines.

"There is no best, only better" are not just words to us but a way of life. We are able to better meet and exceed your diverse product needs by providing designs that are exactly suited to your requirements. Your satisfaction is our motivation.

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