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Institute of Space Commerce Director Participates in the II Seminar of Space Law promoted by the Brazilian Bar

Institute of Space Commerce

Elias de Andrade Jr.


The space industry has grown from $366 billion US dollars to $477 billion and estimates say it will grow to $1 trillion by 2040.”
— Elias de Andrade Jr.
SãO PAULO, BRAZIL, November 12, 2021 / -- The recently appointed Executive Director of the Institute of Space Commerce, Elias de Andrade Jr., participated at the II Seminar of Space Law promoted by the Brazilian national Bar association held between October 4-6:

The ISC’s presentation was focused on strategies to open the space industry to youth both in the United States and in Brazil.

The space industry has grown from $366 billion US dollars to $477 billion and estimates say it will grow to $1 trillion by 2040. This growth is proof that not even the world’s latest pandemic couldn’t keep rockets down. World-wide, the commercial space industry counts roughly 70% of all activities, while a little over a half of the entire industry is in the United States.

The second edition of the seminar has attracted more than 2000 people, and it has been a gateway for Brazilians to become more involved in outer space. Themed after the World Space Week “Women in Space,” the conference highlighted the importance of women minority contributing to roles throughout the life cycle of the entire space industry. The seminar had high level national and international experts across various fields, and it is a true landmark for anyone in Brazil who is inspired by space and wants to learn how to get involved.

“The Institute’s presence in the seminar was essential as it is striving to make this growing space market more accessible for youth. Due to the sensitive and restricted nature of its activities, the space industry remains a very closed niche where few in the world can truly participate in its core economy. In the United States where most space activities occur, we are still learning on how to make it more accessible for youth” says Elias de Andrade Jr.

In the United States, we’ve created the ISC as a branch of the International Institute of Space Commerce based on the Isle of Man since 2007. Both IISC and ISC are affiliated entities of the International Space University. Our fellows are high level experts with a wide range of experiences. Together, we are formulating outreach strategies that will welcome 1 million new minds of thinkers and doers to disrupt the space industry. We are creating a forum where they can talk about any possibility of making businesses in outer space.

“In Brazil, a similar approach could be taken - a permanent forum for the general public to be involved in space commerce would be essential to keep momentum for the long-term and $1trillion dollar economy of the next 20 years” emphasized Elias. Ian Grosner, Attorney General and head of the seminar said, “it is our pleasure receiving the ISC and we are excited to learn about its strategies as Brazil is developing its own commercial space industry, as well.”

“As a Brazilian national, it was an immense pleasure to participate and exchange information between the United States and Brazil about our work.” The ISC will remain a friend and supporter of commercial space activities for youth in Brazil and world-wide, concludes Elias.

The full ISC presentation in Portuguese at the seminar can be found here at:

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