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Singer, songwriter, producer and engineer Able Heart dropped a new scenic, action-video “This Ain’t Like You,” which is the follow-up visual to his catchy, electro-pop single and video “Whisper.” Photo / AXC Creative Group

The Philly beatmaker has released singles that have earned more than 3 million+ organic streams via his Spotify and iTunes page. But his popularity doesn’t come as a surprise as he’s the winner of NBC’s TV hit show, “Songland.” Photo / AXC Creative Group

Heart has logged two successful virtual concerts with meet & greets over the last couple of months. As the year winds down, he has plans for more live shows and fresh material and new visuals he’ll release in 2022. Photo / AXC Creative Group


I think the thing we are looking for most is something that hits us right in between the eyes. That we know we can take (‘Greenlight’) around the world and play for our fans everywhere we go.”
— Nick Jonas/Jonas Brothers
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, November 5, 2021 / -- Singer, songwriter, producer and engineer Able Heart dropped a new music video entitled “This Ain’t Like You.”

Directed by him and his management company, AXC Creative Group, the scenic, automotive-focused action video follows Heart walking down a freeway traffic jam at night and passing an accident on the side of the road, before driving off in a white Mercedes AMG C63s Coupe as he’s seen visibly upset while singing over a catchy instrumental.


“My manager Chaz and I are big gearheads and really into cars, so we went down to Maryland from Philadelphia to pick up the car in the video. And on our way back, a car or truck had overturned on this bridge and we were stuck in the middle of traffic, at a dead-stop for almost six hours,” says Heart. “Since we had the camera in the car to shoot the video, we thought, ‘we should just use the opportunity.’ And Chaz suggested, ‘When are you going to get the occasion again because it looks like a (Hollywood) set.’ So that’s what we did. We started filming, doing it in and out of traffic. It ended up looking so cool on video that from then on, we decided to shoot more scenes on different days, from different locations, to add to the video.”

So far “This Ain’t Like You” has been sitting tight with fans, with the video netting 60k+ views.

The inspiration behind the relational song came to Heart easily. “With that single, it was free-flowing. I was going through something with someone and the difficulties experienced in any relationship, where you’re not in the best space and reflecting on how things used to be. ‘This ain’t like you’—these things we talked about, these things we’ve said, how we felt— isn’t the way things are now.’ It’s that place of confusion, that misunderstanding of the current state of where the relationship really is,” says Heart.

To date, the Philly songwriter and beatmaker has released singles that have earned more than 3 million+ organic streams via his Spotify and iTunes page.


But his popularity doesn’t come as a surprise as Heart is the recipient of the NBC television hit show, “SONGLAND.”

Featuring a panel of acclaimed songwriters/producers as judges, including Ester Dean, OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder, and songwriter Shane McAnally, Heart stole the show on June 19, 2019, when the Jonas Brothers picked his song “Greenlight” to record and share it globally with their fans.

The Jonas Brothers were also hooked when they saw Heart perform “Greenlight.”

“I said it the first time I heard you sing and I'll say it again, I think you're an artist,” said Nick Jonas in an earlier statement, while his brother Joe echoed his brother’s sentiment, saying, “It's like the song itself has heart. It's got some Able Heart in there.”

Heart says the insight he received from the judges, who he still talks to today, is something he cherishes as well as applies to his craft. “I learned musically that less is more and to not try to showcase all the talent into one song, like, ‘that could be a guitar, that could be a ukulele, or maybe a violin,’ you know? Less is more.”

The show, which helped launch his music career, is something Heart is continuously grateful for. “Ester, Ryan, Shane and (Eurythmics) Dave Stewart (who conceived the idea of Songland), have been guardian angels and huge mentors. Their words of wisdom, as well as just being around them and watching them work, how they interact both with people and in music, their creative thought process.…just all of it together, you couldn’t pay for an education like that.”

Before making music, Heart was an avid snowboarder, who was on track to head to the Sochi 2014 Winter Games in Russia. His dreams, though, took a turn at the age of 15, after a back injury derailed his Olympic snowboarding future. But music eventually found him as it was a source of purity and creativity that he realized had always been present in the background while growing up, as his father was a performing musician and producer with a basement studio in their house.

Fast-forward to the present, Heart has logged two virtual concerts over the last couple of months, including last week’s performance, which featured general admission tickets up-to one-on-one video meet & greet packages. And, apart from his current music video “This Ain’t Like You,” he has also released a stunning and sensual, catchy video for “Whisper,” and a reworked, dreamier and chilled-down video-version of it captioned “Whisper: Heartbreakers Edition.”

As this year winds down, Heart plans to do more live shows as well as release fresh material and new visuals in 2022.

About Able Heart:
Philadelphia based-singer, songwriter and producer Able Heart was lost in life after his Amateur US Olympic snowboarding career came to an abrupt halt due to an injury. For years, he questioned his life and struggled with depression and drug addiction until he found a deep connection and purpose with music. Creating music became his therapy and healthy outlet to express himself. Able hopes his music can now inspire and help others. Although he has been producing music for almost 10 years, he spent the majority of that time “ghost producing,” where he worked for-hire without royalties for other artists. In 2019, he got a lucky break when he won the NBC television show “Songland,” when he authored and produced the single “Greenlight” for the Jonas Brothers. Since then, he has been focusing on his Able Heart project. In the past few months, he has released several new music videos, one for his new single “Whisper” and another for “This Ain’t Like You” off his last EP.

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“I was going through something and the difficulties experienced in any relationship—that place of confusion of where the relationship really is.” ~ Able Heart