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Dr. Celeste-Linguere Johnston of Pappillon Strategies to be Featured on Close Up Radio

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, November 2, 2021 / -- Do you know really what your body says to others? Maybe much more than you think. The body never lies, and if you can read it, you will know the other person’s character and personality traits even if the person never says a word. Each of us possesses a natural intuitive ability to interpret body language, but it is possible to go far beyond this.

Dr. Celeste-Linguere Johnston is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, certified executive coach and a master of Physiognomics, a user friendly system for evaluating trustworthiness and other traits.

Physiognomics is the art of discovering temperament and character from outward appearances. It is about how human behavior and personality characteristics are reflected in the body and how they can be interpreted.

“I read the body,” says Dr. Johnston. “I’m applying my intuitive nature, which is our first nature. All you have to do is look at the body, and the body will tell you everything.”

Dr. Johnston has broken each body type down into a simple geometric program using basic shapes: squares, circles, oblongs, triangles, and superimposing them on the body.

Each of these models––Thoracic, Abdominal, Cerebral, Osseous, Muscular––corresponds to behavioral and personality characteristics:

According to Dr. Johnston, Physiognomics can be used as a non-profiling tool for law enforcement and counterterrorism to discern deception and untrustworthiness. Through her company, Pappillon Strategies, Dr. Johnston offers Physiognomics training to federal, state and local government agencies, businesses, law firms, and anyone who needs to read people more carefully rather than relying on implicit biases, assumptions, stereotypes and micro-aggressive affections or tendencies.

“The ability to read the body is critical,” says Dr. Johnston. “It is extraordinarily difficult for a deceptive person to disguise the signs of the body and face.”

Dr. Johnston says the greatest benefit of Physiognomics is that it offers “protection without profiling.”

“Physiognomics is non-profiling because you're looking at shapes, not race or gender,” explains Dr. Johnston. “It doesn't matter who they are. We are looking at all parts of how a person is presenting themself. If people are behaving suspiciously, aggressively or erratically, they will take on one of these forms.”

Close Up Radio will feature Dr. Celeste-Linguere Johnston in an interview with Jim Masters on November 4th at 12pm EDT and with Doug Llewelyn on November 11th at 12pm EDT

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