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People Power integrates industry-leading fall detection technology with no wearables or cameras required

Vayyar and People Power collaborate to bring a comprehensive fall detection solution to retirement communities and homecare for seniors living independently.

PALO ALTO, CA, UNITED STATES, October 25, 2021 / -- People Power Company, a Silicon Valley provider of Virtual Health Platform services, announces today from the LeadingAge Annual Meeting & EXPO 2021 its innovative fall detection solution in collaboration with Vayyar Imaging (Vayyar), the global leader in 4D imaging radar sensor technology.

Uniquely, Vayyar Home’s touchless fall detection sensors require no wearables, cameras, or buttons to sound the alarm on a variety of events warranting intervention. The sensors remain in constant contact with People Power’s Care Daily Insights, an intelligent cloud-based admin console that leverages machine learning AI to monitor trends in activity patterns, identify signs of deteriorating health, and provide hazard alerts, simplifying real-time reporting, system and user management, and stakeholder communication.

Around 36 million older adults fall each year in the United States, making falls the leading cause of injury and resulting in more than 32,000 deaths. Between 45% and 61% of nursing home residents experience a fall each year, and falls in long-term care facilities are associated with annual costs of about $6,200 per resident. Combined with caregiver shortages, skyrocketing care costs, and a rapidly growing number of over 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day, a severe care crisis is at hand that demands the implementation of new technologies that will help address these major public health challenges.

“Senior living communities and caregiving businesses seeking to maximize revenues and curtail costs will welcome this new, affordable, and non-invasive AI caregiver solution,” said David Moss, President and CTO, People Power. “People Power is proud to work with innovative companies like Vayyar to provide caregiving technology solutions that reliably detect falls and activities of daily living behind closed doors, and without requiring privacy-invasive cameras or antiquated buttons.”

People Power’s AI+IoT Platform combined with integrated Vayyar Home sensors addresses the major health challenges associated with senior falls and lifestyle trends, even in larger apartments and homes. When people fall and cannot get up, rapid response matters. Commonly used emergency buttons or cords are out of reach in 80% of these situations, more than half of seniors refuse or forget to put on wearables, and camera-based solutions inevitably compromise personal privacy and cannot be installed in bathrooms where 80% of falls occur. What’s more, the ability to simultaneously capture a variety of lifestyle trends over time can uncover hidden health issues before they become critical problems.

Vayyar Home sensors installed in living spaces use harmless radio waves that quickly detect when a person falls without optics or user action. People Power Care Daily Insights provides a near-real time dashboard that neatly organizes critical incidents and lifestyle trends, prioritizes which residents or clients to focus on today, and keeps business administrators, caregivers, and family members up to date with useful notifications and timely alerts. Together, People Power’s AI+IoT Platform and Vayyar Home sensors quickly detect falls and concerning activity trends and immediately notifies key personnel. The result is better care for residents and improved staff efficiency for care providers, allowing overstretched caregivers to optimize their attention where it’s needed most.

“I’m delighted to confirm our collaboration with People Power Company, whose intelligent, intuitive platform is the ideal fit for our industry-leading sensor technology,” said Raviv Melamed, Co-founder and CEO, Vayyar. “As the senior living sector steps up to overcome current and emerging challenges, greater visibility into residents’ immediate needs and long-term activity patterns is crucial to achieving the best care and business outcomes.”

To see a demo, visit People Power and Vayyar from October 25-27, 2021 at the LeadingAge Annual Meeting & EXPO 2021, booth number 3620, Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA – USA.

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