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Free ProveIt-Now! ™ App Protects Against Deepfakes, Media Manipulation & Fraud

ProveIt-Now! is a free app that combats deep fakes, synthetic media, manipulated media by creates media that can't be altered without detection.

Certified, Authenticated, Secure, & Trusted Media


The app allows the user, at the press of a button, to capture photos, video, or audio on their smartphone or tablet, that cannot be altered without detection.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2021 / -- ImageKeeper® LLC announced today the release of its free Consumer app, “ProveIt-Now!™”. The app allows the user, at the press of a button, to capture photos, video, or audio on their smartphone or tablet, that cannot be altered without detection. With the proliferation of deepfakes, manipulated video, and edited photos, the threat of being victimized is real and growing according to the FBI’s recent Private Industry Notification (PIN) 210310-001, dated 20 March 2021.

Certified Media™ Technology
The app incorporates ImageKeeper®’s patented Certified Media™ technology, which supports Department of Justice (DOJ) Federal Rules of Evidence (FRE) Rule 902 Self-Authentication of Evidence. All photos, video, and audio recordings captured using the app have high evidentiary value in legal proceedings: the user will have irrefutable evidence that an event happened at a precise date, time, location, elevation, angle your device was pointed, user identity, and more. With Certified Media™, it’s also easy to confirm that media hasn’t been altered. And if something has been changed, there are tools on the website to help identify what, exactly, was modified. More information about the app and Certified Media™ is available at

Free Download & Use
ProveIt-Now!™ Is available for free in the Apple App Store. Users can view or play media captures in the app as much as they want, paying only for media that’s shared. To share a specific media, the User unlocks it paying with a token, available as an in-app purchase. For a limited time, five free tokens are provided when a new user downloads and installs the app. To download the ProveIt-Now!™ App, the link to the App Store page is here:

Perfect App For Collecting Evidence
ProveIt-Now! is the perfect app to use in situations where evidence is vital to proving your point or winning your case, such as:

- animal attacks - bullying
- road rage - collectors
- property damage - health code inspections
- scary ride-share rides - busines license
- social media fraud - permits
- breaking records - public speakers
- phony vacation home rentals - online dating/romance scams
- warranty work online shopping - bad contractor work
- car rental damage - artist copyrighting
- and so much more…

New Features
Two new features that are being introduced into the ProveIt-Now!™ App that do not appear in other ImageKeeper® apps are: Certified Media™ Authenticity Report, or just CMAR; and Click-To-Verify. The CMAR button is located on the bottom of the “Gallery” page. If you unlock the media (this is where the tokens are used), you can generate the CMAR, and share it. The CMAR shows the media, the geotag info, a map showing where the media capture occurred, and a QR Code that anyone with a smartphone can instantly scan to check the media authenticity. This is how you actually “Prove It!” to someone.

The second new feature is a “Click-to-Verify” capability in media that’s shared. The recipient can simply press, or click, the media they’ve received and the authenticity test is automatically performed. Of course, one can still scan the QR Code or enter the Media ID on the ProveIt-Now!™ website if they prefer. Regardless of how one chooses to verify authenticity, the authenticity test is the same: the media is located in our Digital Media Bank™, a media comparison is performed along with the meta-data and context information, and results presented.

About ImageKeeper® LLC
ImageKeeper® is an imaging system company headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. The company began in 2013. The company founders developed and patented Certified Media™ and more. Their technology supports insurance, public safety, hospitality and other business sectors. For more information, or to contact the company, please go to

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ImageKeeper LLC
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