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H.E. Dr. Raphael Nagel is bringing South Sudan closer to the world.

South Sudan Expo2020 Dubai

See the world's youngest nation in a different light

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, October 19, 2021 / -- Dr. Raphael Nagel is a renowned investor, lobbyist, and philanthropist of his time. He has received more than 20 awards and recognitions for his outstanding work in Economic Diplomacy and his Philanthropy in Education worldwide. He has been chosen as one of the most inspiring business leaders of the year by Forbes Magazine in 2021. Now, he is working at Expo2020 Dubai as the Deputy Commissioner-General of the pavilion of South Sudan.

As Deputy Commissioner- General Dr. Nagel's primary goal is to showcase the world of opportunities that awaits in South Sudan for investors and tourists. The South Sudan Pavilion at Expo2020 Dubai proposes an experience to explore the world's youngest nation through photography and poetry, creating an ideal space to learn about the countries rich cultural heritage.

In partnership with the Abrahamic Business Circle, the pavilion creates a multi-sensory narrative around natural phenomena and investment opportunities; with more than 3000 visitors since the opening, the pavilion, with the help of The Circle, has been able to capture visitors from all over the world.

The commissioner-general of the South Sudan pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai expressed happiness in his last interview with ChinaTv for the positive feedback and significant interaction shown by the global audience visiting the pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai during the first half of the month.
He stressed that since its first day, the pavilion has succeeded in attracting visitors' attention through its many activities that reflect the humanitarian wealth and the civil and development components of the country.

Visitors can witness a picture of unity, freedom, and progress in a country with breathtaking geography, spectacular wildlife, and colorful culture.

"We want to give a one-stop look at South Sudan. We want to showcase everything from the vast wildlife and rich culture to investment opportunities areas and cities on the move and give a glimpse of the rich culture and heritage of South Sudan," Dr. Raphael Nagel, the Deputy Commissioner, said during an interview to Abu Dhabi Tv.

Aaron Nagel
The Abrahamic Business Circle