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Package Nexus Releases Smart Parcel Lockers for Apartments with 7 Advantages

Package Nexus Parcel Lockers for Apartments

Package Nexus Parcel Lockers for Apartments

World's Most Advanced Smart Parcel Lockers

World's Most Advanced Smart Parcel Lockers

Package Nexus Smart Lockers Application

Smart Locker App

The maker of the World's Most Advanced Smart Parcel Lockers has released a new updated solution for Multifamily Communities.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, US, October 18, 2021 / -- Millions of gifts, supplies, and personal purchases are sent as parcels and packages every day. There seems to be always something to pick up, and while many parcels contain necessary or even urgent items, finding the time to get them can be a frustrating and interrupting.

Fortunately, Package Nexus has released a better solution to retrieve goods, but what are they, and how do they work?

The newest release of Smart Parcel Lockers from Package Nexus for apartments adds convenience and extra security for families living in condos or apartment communities. Visit to learn more.

How Smart Parcel Lockers Work

The newest Smart parcel lockers are created from the ground up with patented technologies that streamlines dropping off and picking up parcels. They also improve reliability and keep packages secure while awaiting pickup. Once the delivery company places the parcel into the smart parcel locker, the system sends a customizable notification that the recipient has received a delivery.

The new release from Package Nexus offers residents several easy ways to retrieve their packages: 1) touch-free scanning of a barcode from their smart phone, 2) use the large 15 inch touch screen to enter the pickup code, or 3) use braille enabled keypad to open the appropriate locker at a convenient time.

1. Instant Notification a Package Has Arrived
When a package is needed in a hurry, it can be frustrating checking tracking data multiple times an hour. Waiting in line at the distribution center is even more unproductive, but smart parcel lockers eliminate these issues. The smart parcel system sends a notification as soon as the package is delivered, along with an access code or scannable barcode that ensures only the recipient has access to the parcel.

2. Smart Parcel Lockers Save Time For Residents and Couriers
Lockers are always available to receive packages. No longer do recipients have to rearrange their day to ensure they can sign for the delivery. In this way, smart lockers save recipients and couriers time and money. Couriers will not have to return an undeliverable package to the distribution center, which increases processing time, nor will the recipient have to reschedule another delivery, which will usually cost another delivery fee. Redeliveries also increase the chance that packages can get lost in transit.

3. Enhance Security for Delivered Items
A big problem for all parcel delivery services comes from delivering packages when most people are not home. It can be challenging for both parties to coordinate with residents to ensure someone is home to receive a critical delivery. Delays in the delivery system add to the challenges if a resident has arranged for time off work, and the delivery service cannot make the delivery for some reason.

Packages left by doors and unsecured letterboxes are a security hazard. Unattended packages are often tempting crimes of opportunity for passersby or swiped by criminals scanning the neighborhood for easy pickings of parcels left outside doors.

Property managers are often tasked with finding parcels that register as delivered, but the resident has not received them, and they are nowhere to be found. It’s a frustrating situation for all concerned that even detailed tracking information cannot eliminate. Smart parcel lockers for apartments go a long way to addressing this problem. The parcel is stored safely and securely out of sight, and only the recipient knows the package is there. Failed deliveries are a thing of the past with smart parcel lockers for apartments, and they significantly reduce the chance of theft.

4. Extra Layers of Convenience
Smart lockers not only create a more secure environment for making and receiving deliveries, but they can also enhance the return process as well.

For example, after receiving a package and finding it is the wrong item or doesn’t work as intended, smart lockers make the return process as simple as notifying the courier, scanning the label, and returning the package to the locker. It’s a lot less stressful and much more straightforward than dealing directly with retailers, and nobody has to wait on hold for ages just to return an unwanted item. The clever design of smart locker systems means you don’t need a team of administrators for managing key or pin code assignments to tenants.

5. Easy to Use
No need for any specialized training to use smart lockers as they are created to be super simple to use. Once the system is installed and set up, there’s nothing more tenants need to do other than install the app and register their details.

6. Contactless Delivery System
Social distancing can be tough to do when so much of life relies on personal interactions. A smart locker system delivers a solution that makes parcel delivery and pickup much safer and eliminates another channel for the coronavirus or any disease to spread.

7. No More Lost Keys or Forgotten PINs
Smart lockers create an effortless user experience. Users access lockers via badges, smartphone apps. Parcels are still accessible because there are no keys to lose or passcodes to forget. Our world is increasingly reliant on online purchases that are delivered via couriers and post offices. As such, more packages are vulnerable to theft when left unattended. Social distancing is also fast becoming part of everyday life and necessary for public health and safety. Smart parcel lockers for apartments offer a safer, more easily managed, and securer system for sending and receiving goods.

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