Portugal is the 13th biggest global exporter of footwear and an international quality reference for top brands and fashion designers in over 172 countries.

The know-how, quality, customization, and tradition are the main assets of our industry, making our industry stand out from competitors.”
— Luís Onofre, President at APICCAPS
NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, October 13, 2021 / -- Portugal is a global reference in the footwear industry and has been selected by top international brands and critical fashion designers for high-quality footwear manufacturing. Portuguese-made footwear is built to last and look gorgeous over time with high production standards, great attention to detail, outstanding design solutions, and durability. High-quality sport, luxury, technical or casual footwear is possible to make in Portugal, with Portuguese manufacturers showcasing their strong know-how, secular expertise, and tradition that only time can prove. The Global Footwear Industry Report shows that the footwear market in the U.S. is estimated at US$105.8 Billion in the year 2021. The U.S. currently accounts for a 27.14% share in the global market.

The United States is the 7th largest market for the Portuguese footwear industry, with continuous growth in all the product segments – women, men, kids – and over 95% of the footwear production in Portugal is channeled for exports. This solid international expertise grants deep cultural knowledge to the Portuguese manufacturers and brands and a great understanding of the specifics of each geography in the five continents. It has profound creative and operational implications that benefit the product development, the design, the market strategy, and the excellence of its international service.

Beyond the outstanding product quality, volume, and customization levels that the Portuguese footwear industry has already settled, the new challenge is all about the environment. The sector is heavily investing in new sustainable product solutions, new recycled raw materials, and new outstanding products that address environmental concerns to its core while keeping the high-quality standards which is known for. From green energy sourcing to waste reduction until design solutions that mitigate the carbon footprint, the industry is ready to embrace the environmental challenges we all face. This ethical approach towards manufacturing is a commitment that the industry takes seriously as long as the already implemented social and worker’s security context. Combining all these aspects makes Portuguese product manufacturing highly responsible, sustainable, and ethical in its value chain.

“The know-how, quality, customization, and tradition are the main assets of our industry, making our industry stand out from competitors. The sector is self-sufficient as it can source all the raw materials necessary for the manufacture of footwear of excellence in Portugal.”, mentioned by Luís Onofre, President at APICCAPS - Associação Portuguesa dos Industriais de Calçado.

World-renowned and awarded Portuguese footwear brands like Atlanta Mocassin, Centenário, Cubanas, Deux Sampaio, Lemon Jelly, Luis Onofre, Miguel Vieira, Undandy, Wolf & Son, Tentoes, Tatuaggi, and several others are showcased in the global AICEP campaign MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally. This campaign will again surprise the American market with the best of both worlds: The place to manufacture ethically and naturally is the same place where new collections and trends arise. And this place is Portugal.

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Made in Portugal Naturally - Portugal is the 13th biggest global exporter of footwear and a reference for top brands and designers in over 172 countries.