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The Evergrande Shadow and China transparency challenge

WMBA CTDI China Energy Index

Evergrande default points to transparency problem

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, October 11, 2021 / -- The Evergrande real estate implosion set off fears across global markets paralleling growing concerns with the skyrocketing energy costs in Asia and Europe.

To add to the uncertainty with Evergrande’s default on its massive real estate holdings in China, the tripling of energy prices in Europe and Asia adds another level of complexity and concern for global markets. Within China where transparent data is an evasive target, the challenge for professional traders is heightened.

As Evergrande awaits official announcement on a new majority owner, reports suggest it will be Hopson Development, closer inspection into varied commodities within China poses a heightened challenge in scrutinizing the validity of data collected and analyzed for trading execution.

Where to turn for guidance?

From these concerns comes an avalanche of cascading market effects from real estate to industrial output directly impacting and derived from China’s energy and steel industries among others. Borne of quant hedge fund origins, CTD Indices developed homegrown insight in how to build reliable data and reliable indices identifying current and future trends while spending over a year in Shanghai building its research tools to measure China’s real markets. CTD Indices is well-positioned to track these and related business sectors.

Combined with in-house high-quality algorithms, CTD Indices is taking its combined 70 years of data and trading experience in offering the WMBA CTDI China Energy Index, the WMBA CTDI China Steel Index, and the WMBA CTDI China Grain Index.

WMBA CTDI China Energy Index

The WMBA CTDI China Energy Index was launched in conjunction with the U.K.’s Wholesale Markets Brokers Association Limited. The WMBA CTDI China Energy Index is the most effective tool to track China’s energy consumption and industrial activity. As China’s economy shifts from an export-oriented to one of domestic consumption, traditional macroeconomic export data will decline in importance as a barometer of China’s economic health.

WMBA CTDI China Steel Index

The WMBA CTDI China Steel Index was launched in conjunction with the U.K.’s Wholesale Markets Brokers Association Limited. The WMBA CTDI China Steel Index is the most effective tool to track China’s influence over the world’s steel industry, the backbone commodity of the globe’s industrial and infrastructure activity.

WMBA CTDI China Grain Index

The WMBA CTDI China Grain Index was launched in conjunction with the U.K.'s Wholesale Markets Brokers Association Limited. The index is a grain-focused index comprised of liquid agricultural commodities. The index comprises of three agricultural goods commodities currently traded on the Chinese futures exchanges: #1 soybean, #2 soybean, and corn.

Each of the CTD Indices is available through MarketDesk, the revolutionary market data solutions creator available with a free 30-day trial. Related white pages are available here.

To learn more on these and other offerings available on MarketDesk, call John Robinson (917) 589-7013.

About CTD Indices:

CTD Indices is an innovative provider of indices and index solutions to the global financial services industry. Our focus is unique in that we create high-quality benchmarks based around commodity futures and cash markets that measure not only economic activity for these markets, but also anticipate how these movements will impact investors trading on exchanges. We provide bellwethers for proactive, not reactive investing, to meet investors’ needs for an ever-changing global market.

About MarketDesk:

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