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Community college provides valuable options to students looking to graduate college faster than their peers. explores the state of 2-year programs today and shares what students need to know…

GEORGETOWN, KENTUCKY, UNITED STATES, October 11, 2021 / -- Students who transferred to competitive four-year institutions from community colleges are more likely to graduate in under six years than their peers. So why have community colleges been hit so hard by declining enrollment numbers?

Inflection, the opinion, editorial, and news analysis journal of explores the reasons behind enrollment declines at two-year colleges while highlighting the excellent return on the investment in a community college degree:

Why You Should Go to Community College

A variety of outstanding entry-level positions may require only an associate degree. This means a student with a community college education can earn a livable income without the student debt burden from a four-year degree. Community colleges prioritize affordability and accessibility both for those who will enter the job market with an associate degree and those who plan to transfer into a four-year degree program upon completion.

“As a college professor, I’m all too familiar with the financial pressures that students face. Community college can help to offset a lot of these pressures, even for those who plan to eventually earn a four-year degree. Students who transfer from nationally accredited two-year programs often bring greater confidence and preparedness into their bachelor’s programs—not to mention a lot less student debt,'' says Dr. Jed Macosko, academic director of and professor of physics at Wake Forest University. ”That’s why we’re highlighting the value of community college for students of every background. This could be a great starting point no matter where you’re headed.”

Community college warrants even greater consideration today, in the wake of the pandemic. The COVID crisis has hit low-income students and families particularly hard. For many, community colleges may offer an affordable remedy to lost employment and lost educational access.

This article highlights the role that community colleges can play in helping hard-hit communities recover from the impact of the pandemic, addressing:
• The reasons community college enrollment is declining
• The benefits and disadvantages of attending community college
• Job prospects for community college graduates
• Community college admissions and enrollment
• President Biden’s proposal to make community college free to all

“Two-year or four-year, associate, bachelor’s, master’s or even doctorate, can help you chart a degree path that suits you,” says Macosko. “We offer multiple resources to students, from our College Strategist and Desirability Score to our Custom College Rankings and helpful articles on a variety of college-related topics. Visit our site and get the help you need, whatever your next educational step might be.”

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