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XcooBee Team Publishing In-Seat Experience Educational Series for Event Venues

In-Seat-Experience vs Point-of-Sale

Understanding the difference between XcooBee ISX (In-Seat-Experience) and POS (point-of-sale) can boost your ROI and Fan Happiness.

... but frictionless In-Seat-Experiences can set you apart with fans and sponsors and give your POS the wings needed to compete in this century”
— Allan Williamson
CHARLOTTE, NC, USA, October 5, 2021 / -- XcooBee, the Privacy & Payments Network, announced today the creation of a three-part educational blog series to highlight the difference between In-Seat Experience (ISX) and Mobile ordering in POS (point-of-sale). The XcooBee team realized after many conversations with event venues that a gap of understanding existed. From XcooBee teams’ observation it became clear that the ability to understand and maximize the ROI for the venue was severely impacted by not being able to clarify this important distinction. Thus, the XcooBee team, committed to creating this educational series. Part one of this series is available immediately on the XcooBee website blog.

According to Allan Williamson, Business Development Manager at XcooBee, “The roots of the modern POS system date back to the industrial age. Customers line up and “feed” the machine by placing orders one-by-one. There is an order taker and back-room to fulfill the order.” Williamson further pointed out that “this system has not been substantially innovated in more than a century. At most, clunky mobile ordering was added.”

XcooBee’s In-Seat Experience (ISX) is the first substantive innovation in venue ordering that goes beyond the standard POS add-ons. XcooBee is able to bring together additional revenue opportunities and fan engagement, while simplifying the order placement and processing for all fans and visitors. No longer do fans need to miss event experiences to stand in line. According to an Oracle study, 45% of fans have abandoned food-lines because of this reason.

Bilal Soylu, CEO of XcooBee, highlighted that “You have to create tools that speak to the modern fan and venue visitor. For example, this involves understanding that many purchases are driven by children and giving parents options to control and guide this. Only XcooBee allows to capture this correctly and make parents and venues happy at the same time.”

XcooBee ISX is also innovating in the area of sponsorship-based fan engagement in combination with Food and Beverage ordering. According to Soylu, “Nearly 100% of fans bring their mobile phone to the venue, but no POS system is able to connect the fan to the sponsors effectively. Thus, the venue loses, and the fan loses.” With XcooBee ISX the XcooBee team was able to bring together sponsorship elements such as static and dynamic media, social media, online games, lead generation, and online marketing extensions that seamlessly connect the fan to a larger sponsorship campaign. ISX sponsorship data is based on the XcooBee Privacy Platform, making the engagement fully transparent to the fans.

“ISX is the new way to support fan and visitor engagement”, stated Soylu further. “We need to look further than single store mobile ordering, and give the fans what they expect while, for the first time, allowing venues to create mini malls and qualify sponsorship spent with actual data to back up the marketing efforts,” Soylu continued.

As Williams explained, “Mobile ordering is a qualifier and no longer a distinction, but frictionless In-Seat-Experiences can set you apart with fans and sponsors and give your POS the wings needed to compete in this century.” And, since XcooBee can work with any back-end POS system the path to fast ROI does not require rip and replace.

In our educational series about the differences between ISX and POS we are explaining these benefits in detail from different perspectives. The XcooBee team is starting with the Fan and Visitor Journey but in upcoming part two and three a more in-depth exploration of venue and sponsor advantages will be highlighted. “We are encouraging everyone to follow us online”, added Williamson. “There is quite a bit of material to we brought together that shows the potential to impact your bottom line.”

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