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MarketDesk & Mace News announce new partnership for its global financial news service with 30-day free trial

MarketDesk & Mace News partner to release new global finance news service with 30-day free trial

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, September 29, 2021 / -- MarketDesk, the revolutionary market data solutions creator of unique content and products, today announced a partnership with Mace News, making Mace’s financial news available to MarketDesk customers via a 30-day free trial.

The new partnership is a joint venture uniting the speed of delivery via MarketDesk’s global platform with Mace News and its time-sensitive, in-depth analysis of world macroeconomic news led by a global team of financial news professionals with decades of experience.

Through the MarketDesk platform, up-to-the minute breaking financial news from Mace News is available to anyone around the world with an internet connection. As the pace of critical financial news increases, the availability of critical transparent information is paramount for timely decisions by government, trading professionals of all kinds and individual investors.

Mace News is made available with MarketDesk lending its proprietary technology platform via a revolutionary support model previously unavailable to the global market data universe. Its exclusive group of content partners and solutions seek to leverage MarketDesk’s technology and streamline execution for end user consumers who demand timely breaking news and information.

Brice Hamon, CEO at MarketDesk said, “Mace News is a leading provider of breaking macroeconomic financial news. Our customers rely on timely, accurate financial news and will greatly benefit from this new MarketDesk offering partnered with Mace News.”

Tony Mace, CEO of Mace News offered, “We are thrilled to team up with MarketDesk and pair our content with their remarkable technology and marketing capabilities. We are also looking forward to creating new products alongside other MarketDesk content partners for distribution on the MD platform.”

John Robinson, Global Head of MarketDesk Sales commented, “We are currently building smart Mace News applications that intelligently link and trigger to our content partners’ price data. News and price data have always worked “hand in glove” and with MarketDesk technology, we are bringing this affordable feature to market today.”

MarketDesk offers an innovative platform featuring new market data solutions for content owners to distribute their financial data and content to a global community valuing ease of use and mobility with cutting edge technology. Mace News will be available to all registered MarketDesk users with a free 30-day trial.

Or to learn more on the Mace News offerings via MarketDesk, call John Robinson at (917) 589-7013.

About Mace News

Mace News delivers unique reporting on global macroeconomic news with heads-up alerts so investors won’t be caught off guard when news is breaking. Its experienced news team has deep knowledge of central banks, economic indicators, and other news that moves markets. Mace News provides authoritative news headlines and analysis at release time on key economic data and statements from policymakers.

About MarketDesk

MarketDesk provides innovative global market data solutions featuring a one-of-a-kind modern platform for content owners to distribute their financial data and content to a global community that prizes ease of use and mobility with cutting edge technology. Through MarketDesk, content owners can distribute their data to clients, reach new ones and connect employees and applications over the internet and mobile networks, under their brand and control.

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