GINBOX BOARD, A Smart Address For You and Your Business has launched a striking platform, GINBOX BOARD, on its website. It is a brand new way to share all your details online.

GINBOX BOARD is an idea that summarizes you and all your events in one place, and it can be used for Personal, Professional, and Public objectives.”
— GINBOX, Founder

GURGAON, HARYANA, INDIA, September 26, 2021 / -- With persistent research and development, the GINBOX has come up with this advanced innovative technology. GINBOX BOARD is an idea that summarizes you and all your events in one place, and it can be used for Personal, Professional, and Public objectives.

GINBOX BOARD lets you share your information with one click

In today's world, sharing information online is a prerequisite for every individual. If you run a business, you may need to share your product details with your clients, or if you are looking for a job, you may need to submit your curriculum vitae and work samples to your employer. Similarly, if you are in a service industry, you may need to showcase your events. From finding prospective leads to growing your connections, the list is endless where you need to share your personal and professional details. This calls for searching through numerous documents stored at different places and then uploading them vigorously. However, with GINBOX BOARD, you don't have to do this repeatedly. You can create your board and save all the required details under it. So, whenever you need to share your information with anyone, you can share this board for the same. This one board will fulfill all your purpose. Save your energy, save your time.

Create your GINBOX Smart Address and your BOARD in a few easy steps

Log into and convert your long physical address into a short, smart address. Like creating your email id, you can create your Smart Address using 8-10 alphanumeric characters. This one code will represent both your address and your board exclusively. You can use this Smart Address for your friends and visitors to easily find you and check out from e-commerce portals quickly and smoothly. Through your BOARD, you can selectively share your details from anywhere around the world. You can save your profile, resume, marriage details, minutes of a meeting or a party, product, or outlet details. This board, which is easy to locate offline, can be used by any business, shops or outlets, organizations, companies, political parties, and government bodies. Create your GINBOX BOARD with Smart Address and grow your brand and business.

Get the best deals and discounts on your favorite brands

GINBOX Ads is a global platform where businesses can post their sale and promotional flyers all around the year. This entitles you to get the best deals and discounts online on a wide range of products. This portal has the topmost brands from both online and offline shopping areas. By merely selecting your shopping mode and the type of product required, you will witness huge offers from all types of sellers. You can know more about your favorite seller and its outlet through their GINBOX BOARD and reach its location precisely by their unique Smart Address.

So, what are you waiting for! Create your BOARD today and let the world know about you and your identity. Make people easily discover you and connect with you. If you run a business, tell them about the exciting deals and offers you have in store. Visit Ginbox and multiply your growth by several folds in a simple, swift system.

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