Six Back-to-School Tips For Autism And Special Needs Parents

Author Deanna Picon's Back-To-School Guide Offers Success Strategies For Parents of Special Needs Children At No Cost

This guide provides expert advice to help parents have a successful academic year, especially as they transition their kids back to school after the pandemic”
— Deanna Picon, Autism and Special Needs Coach
NEW YORK, NY, US, September 28, 2021 / -- Throughout the busy and demanding back-to-school season, parents of special needs children are often inundated with the challenges of educating their child. Many mothers and fathers feel that navigating the special education system and advocating for their son or daughter is a full-time job in itself. The tasks and responsibilities can appear endless at times.

"This academic year is very nerve-racking as students transition back to the classroom after more than fifteen months of remote learning and home schooling. Special needs parents require more support than ever as they help their children adjust to new staff, classmates, routines and COVID-19 protocols," said Deanna Picon, founder of Your Autism Coach, LLC and author of The Autism Parents’ Guide To Reclaiming Your Life.

This free guide provides ten proven strategies to help parents have a school year filled with less pressure, more satisfaction and better results for everyone.

The booklet is available at no cost, by downloading it at

Parents can apply these and other tips from the "Having A Great School Year With Your Special Needs Child” guide:

• Become involved. One of the most important and productive things you can do for your child’s education is to simply be part of it. Get to know teachers, paraprofessionals, therapists and administrative personnel early in the school year.

• Develop a winning partnership. Your child's educators will be more supportive and involved when you approach them as an engaged partner. Tell and show them you want to collaborate. Be open, honest and amicable and they will be the same. Discuss best practices for communicating on a regular basis and building a successful team. Establish realistic goals based on your child's abilities and needs. Get together periodically throughout the year to stay on top of everything.

•Ask for help if you need it. The teaching staff can offer advice on appropriate academic activities and lesson plans for your son or daughter. Therapists may help you develop some easy and practical activities you can do at home that will reinforce their work. Take advantage of their expertise and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

• Understand your rights. Your son or daughter is entitled to a good and appropriate education. If, for any reason, you're not satisfied with the IEP and other goals set for your child, you can seek to change the situation. Speak with the teaching team, school principal or other administrative staff to resolve these issues.

• Be the chief cheerleader. Make sure you celebrate your child's accomplishments, no matter how small. Praise your daughter or son continuously and tell her/him you're proud.

• Keep in mind, you’re human. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. Just about every parent of a special needs child feels stressed-out or frustrated with the special education system at some point. So, don’t feel bad – you’re in good company! Cut yourself some slack every once in a while.

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