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DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2021 / -- Like it is often said, history is often written by champions and sometimes they rewrite it. Though many may not agree with the phenomenal status of this very astute man of God, Courage Igene, a man who does not brook sycophancy or undue publicity, he goes about doing God's work quietly and diligently.

Over time, he has made himself a problem-solver for indigent people across all borders, and this is what he does without blinking an eye. He, therefore, believes in the saying in the Holy Scripture that says "Occupy till I come".

Courage Igene is Senior Pastor of All Nations Churches, he recently started a live broadcast on Facebook every Wednesday, teaching and admonishing viewers at home and prophetically proffering solutions to problems. Lots of testimonies has been recorded across the globe.

He declared that the Body of Christ have entered a season of "Divine Fruitfulness"

Recently, he began a teaching series on "Fruitfulness", and had a key Scripture from (Genesis 17:6) 'And I will make thee exceeding fruitful and I will make Nations of thee and kings shall come out of thee'.

The US based cleric, Courage Igene started by saying that God hates stagnancy and kills anything that doesn't grow. He is so interested in fruitfulness that was why He cursed the tree that didn't produce fruit. Anytime God wants to establish a man He talks about Fruitfulness.

In his address during the Facebook live broadcast, Courage Igene said that the first instruction God gave to man is to be Fruitful. Fruitfulness means to produce results. To be a blessing to someone else. To be Fruitful in your department, in your place of work, in your home, and in every good work. He added that God intention for mankind is fruitfulness.

In one of his series about Fruitfulness, he urged thousands of viewers watching his live broadcast around the world to claim that "God has so much invested in me, I am not empty, . I am a walking miracle going somewhere to happen. I am a walking Warehouse of Divine investment. I carry deity in my humanity. I carry Super in my natural. The Celestial lives in my Terrestrial, I carry celestiality in my Terrestriality. I refuse to be a product of wild grapes". Wild grapes is reaping a bad harvest contrary to what is planted.

He also pointed some hindrances to fruitfulness as

1. Lack of Rain (Physical & Spiritual Rain), every farmer depends on rain for harvest. The Lord gives rain in due season.

2.The Activity of the Midianites ( Those who came to attack the harvest of the Israelites). In this present generation, there are powers that attack you when you least expect it

3. The Activity of the Emptier. They empty people of their gifts, talents, frustrate their

4. The Activity of the Little Foxes. The little foxes are the little things you don't pay attention to. It could be bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, bad attitude, gossip, etc and you think it does not matter but can hinder your fruitfulness.

5. Lack of Send in the Ground. If you are believing God for a harvest, there must be a seed in the ground. Your words could be your seed, your time, your presence, your money, your service to God. A seed of nothing will produce a harvest of nothing. Everything in life is a seed.

He however gave some major keys to Fruitfulness which he said is Praise! God dwells in the praises of His people. When you praise God, fruitfulness in inevitable.

Secondly is The Word of God. Everything God does is by the Word. There is creative power in the Word.

More points about Fruitfulness will be unfolding next Wednesday from the Apostle of Results, Courage Igene.

Apostle Courage Igene is a teacher of the word, a man of prayer who has the mind of Christ and is a prophet of God for the world today.

Clement Emmanuel
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