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AMCA To Audit U.S. Manufacturers With Questionable ISO 'Certificates'

The country's first pro-American quality certification program AMCA to audit manufacturers advertising to be ISO certified

Both AMCA and ISO are beneficial to manufacturers, but only one is boldly pro-American.”
— Donald LaBelle, AMCA Founder

BOSTON, MA, US, September 20, 2021 / -- Due to the rise in fake ISO certifications, AMCA announced today it is hiring auditors as independent contractors to implement 'virtual audits' on manufacturers advertising to be ISO certified. According to AMCA, the auditors will focus on ISO 9001:2015 as well as more critical based standards for aerospace, medical, and environmental markets, including AS9100, AS9120, ISO 13485, and ISO 14001.

AMCA's auditors will seek to verify the company's registrar, accreditation body, on-site audit report and other documentation. The auditors will also attempt to confirm the name and impartiality of the consultant (if applicable) and/or the auditor involved in the process. AMCA said all information collected from the audits will be assessed accordingly with findings being reported back to the company's leadership for valuation.

AMCA founder Don LaBelle said the purpose of the virtual audits is to demonstrate the inconsistencies in ISO certification and the need for effective oversight. According to LaBelle, basically any organization can easily buy an ISO certificate for virtually any standard, accredited or not accredited, valid or invalid. It's a problem that is hurting legitimate quality professionals, particularly consultants.

“The AMCA audits will also give U.S. manufacturers an opportunity to compare AMCA's pro-American quality certification to ISO's globalist based standards intended for millions of companies to follow,” said LaBelle. He added, “Both AMCA and ISO are clearly beneficial to a company if implemented cost-effectively, credibly, and customized accordingly to meet the organization's specific needs. But only AMCA is boldly pro-American.”

US-based manufacturers, machine shops, distributors, exporters and other industrial suppliers can submit an application for AMCA quality certification at

About AMCA
AMCA (American Made Customer Accredited) is the first pro-American quality certification for the U.S. manufacturing sector. Being AMCA certified ensures your company is recognized for quality and integrity independent of ISO's foreign certification schemes. Companies certified to AMCA standards are over-seen and accredited by their own customers... making AMCA the only truly impartial accreditation in quality certification. AMCA is the 'Gold Standard' of American quality in the manufacturing sector. Learn more at

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