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AMCA, The 'Gold Standard' In American Quality Certification Seeks Expansion

AMCA - The 'Gold Standard' in American Quality

AMCA to establish partnerships with more sales and quality professionals supporting the 'American Quality Movement.'

The COVID-19 crisis has created a whole new breed of 'David versus Goliath' type of entrepreneurs, boldly challenging global monopolies and rejecting the status quo ”
— Don LaBelle, AMCA President

BOSTON, MA, US, September 17, 2021 / -- AMCA announced today its plans to expand their organization through the collaboration of quality management and sales professionals across the country. The pro-American quality over-seer plans to develop partnerships in all counties and major cities across the United States. Professionals sought after include quality consultants, QMS auditors, inbound telemarketers, independent sales reps, customer service agents, and freelancers.

According to AMCA founder and president Don LaBelle, AMCA's growth plans is geared toward the natural entrepreneurial and patriotic mindset of most Americans. LaBelle said the Covid-19 pandemic has brought out the desire for many Americans to work independently, and he expects the trend to continue long after the pandemic. “While many Americans just chilled waiting for their next stimulus check, others were busy brainstorming and developing ideas to bring problem solving solutions to the world,” said LaBelle.

AMCA's 'American Quality Movement' began as an idea to promote American manufacturers in the global marketplace, and it quickly gained the attention of patriotic Americans. In result, AMCA developed the first US-focused quality and patriotic standards for U.S. manufacturers as the 'Gold Standard' in quality certification.

Shawn O'Sullivan, spokesman for AMCA said the company is also interested in partnering with independent manufacturing representatives to assist U.S. manufacturers seeking to enter or expand in other states or foreign markets. “AMCA is the only quality certification program with a proven track record of increasing sales and revenues for American manufacturers,” said Sullivan.

US-based manufacturers, machine shops, distributors, exporters and other industrial suppliers can submit an application for AMCA quality certification at

About AMCA
AMCA (American Made Customer Accredited) is the first pro-American quality certification for the U.S. manufacturing sector. Being AMCA certified ensures your company is recognized for quality and integrity independent of ISO's foreign certification schemes. Companies certified to AMCA standards are over-seen and accredited by their own customers... making AMCA the only truly impartial accreditation in quality certification. AMCA is the 'Gold Standard' of American quality in the manufacturing sector. Learn more at

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