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Business Brainz names OneLeg Exclusive Americas Representative

Customer experience agency will both market and sell Business Brainz research services throughout the Americas

Business Brainz was created to offer clients the benefits of a large, multi-faceted research division without the inherent cost of having such a function in-house.”
— Prajwal Gadtaula, Business Brainz Founder and CEO
LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, September 17, 2021 / -- OneLeg, the customer experience agency relentlessly pursuing zero marketing waste, today announced it has entered into an agreement with research and consultancy firm Business Brainz of Kathmandu, to exclusively market and sell the companies’ services throughout the Americas.

Business Brainz provides businesses the research prowess to provide fact-based ABM account insight, overall industry insight, and persona and executive profiles. Each of their insight reports are built by leveraging years of experience and thousands of reliable data sources to help fuel a company’s on-going ABM program. Business Brainz’ Industry Insight offering empowers clients’ sales and marketing teams with deep industry-level intelligence—providing in-depth facts and insight about trends and forces that are driving industries and individual businesses forward. Specifically, Business Brainz allows their clients to better understand named accounts and their underlying motivations and decision-making processes, launch personalized campaigns to expedite long and complex sales cycles, as well as prioritize and deprioritize accounts and industries.

“Business Brainz is seizing the opportunity to expand its footprint by working with OneLeg as they look to address increased global demand for their services,” observed Vic Sun, OneLeg’s Founder and Mastermind. “Our team will not only market Business Brainz services throughout the Americas, we will also directly sell their services to companies large and small, as well as the communications agencies that support them. This arrangement not only allows Business Brainz to bring their service offerings to the Americas, it allows OneLeg to use our proven zero marketing waste strategies to help them grow.”

Simply put, Business Brainz knows that knowledge is power. As a “fact-based, always” entity, they provide a competitive advantage to companies and marketing agencies that want to better understand their markets, their customers and the outside factors that affect them.

“Business Brainz was created to offer clients the benefits of a large, multi-faceted research division without the inherent cost of having such a function in-house,” said Prajwal Gadtaula, Business Brainz Founder and CEO. “Partnering with OneLeg makes total sense for us. They have a proven track-record of knowing how to market our services to the B2B marketplace in the Americas. Plus, their collective experience in sales of professional services to corporations and agencies of all sizes gives us a “leg up” on the competition.”

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About OneLeg
OneLeg was born of an industry that has prescribed a model destined to fail. We (the industry) brought all of this on ourselves and are victims of our own marketing and PR hubris. OneLeg believes poor marketing pollutes the planet and that business is full of tired, outdated, indistinct, unremarkable and underperforming marketing that sucks. But what sucks even more is that many companies have forgotten the most important thing of all: The customer.

We are on a mission, on behalf of our clients' customers, to change that.

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About Business Brainz
For multinational companies and integrated agencies looking to empower sales and marketing teams on the business of winning business, Business Brainz is the strategic research organization that provides comprehensive, fact-based insight that provides a detailed understanding of target markets, companies and leaders, which clients can leverage to optimize and accelerate the velocity of sales and marketing programs. A partner of BBN International, Business Brainz has the ability to service any client in any location, around the world.

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