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Despite Harassment from LAPD, Changing the Faces of Homelessness Brought Life to Skid Row & Provided Housing

Breakthrough Event 2021

Bringing Life Back to Skid Row

The Second Annual Breakthrough Event Featured Corey Feldman, DJ Tray, Therrey, Dandexx, Count Doom, AG, Dre Wheels and Hosts Kamisha Allen & Bmikerob

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 10, 2021 / -- On August 28th 2021, Changing the Faces of Homelessness (CFH) held their 2nd Annual Breakthrough Event at St. Julian Park. Founded by Katrina Williams, CFH introduced their new 360 Turnaround Housing Program, which allows CFH staff to accept applicants with no income and house them for 90 days at no charge. Their mission is to change the faces of homelessness by providing services that move clients from a life of dependency into a new life of self-sufficiency with independence. CFH and special guest Actor/Musician/Activist Corey Feldman, honored late actor Gary Hays, known for The ‘Burbs, Busted and Evil Laugh. Hays suffered from addiction, which led to homelessness. When the system failed him, Hays took his own life and inspired his case worker Katrina Williams to bring life back to Skid Row and heal with housing.

CFH held a unity March inspiring people to come together and help with the homeless crises in Los Angeles. There was food and in addition to Corey Feldman bringing the crowd to tears, live entertainment included DJ Tray, Gospel artist Therrey, Reggae artist Dandexx, Hip Hop artists Count Doom, AG, Dre Wheels, Hosts Kamisha Allen and Bmikerob. The people of skid row were dancing, praying and finally felt a sense of hope and empowerment, but the LAPD not only showed no support, but tried their best to shut the event down. Two police officers questioned Ms. Williams and although she informed them that she met with the LAPD, fire department, department of transportation, and obtained a proper permit, they sent the sergeant down. Katrina had to leave her event to show the permit and map for the unity march. Although the permit allowed CFH to close the streets from 10 am – 4 pm to ensure the safety of the unity marchers, the police opened the streets anyway.

Fortunately, the event still raised money and CFH was able to offer more housing to homeless individuals and families including a 19 year old young man, who was the victim of a drive-by shooting at the age of nine. This shooting severely injured him and tragically took the life of his twin brother, who was shot in the head and killed instantly. Only a few years later his mom died and he went to live with his sister, where he was abused by her husband and molested by a family friend. When no one believed him, he was on his own. Katrina and CFH are finally offering this young man, who is intelligent and musically inclined, a second chance to make something of himself while providing tools and resources to help him overcome the horrific trauma he’s suffered. Sadly, his story is one of many and CFH houses homeless families with children whose ages range from 1 to 12 years old.

Although the event was a great start, the homeless population and crisis continues to increase. Unfortunately, in this instance the LAPD as well as other homelessness agencies and shelters were not supportive. No local agencies on Skid Row offered any volunteer services nor did they provide any financial resources to assist their clients referred to the event. CFH with limited funding was able to house families in private units directly from the event.

CFH is a small non-profit organization with limited funding, but operates as a large Homelessness Provider with no access to rapid rehousing funding. The main homeless providers continue to receive government and private funding, but the local non-profits such as CFH, The Good Karma and Peace Ride have to rely on outside donations. CFH continues to faithfully conduct outreach and sponsor individuals ready to make a change, while large homeless agencies continue to shift individuals from shelter to shelter. It's time to discuss the barriers of homelessness and provide real funding to the agencies doing the work. Katrina and CFH will continue spreading awareness, providing housing, healing and second chances. She and her team are out in the field every Monday for more intakes and are available for interviews. For more information and much needed donations 

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