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The First Family of Inspired Personal Development

The First Family of Inspired Personal Development

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Ranked in the Top 1.5% of Podcasts

Family first model proves success with Reclamation Podcast

We know we do things differently and we know we live a life that others say they want to experience, also. In our world that means we’re called to help them.”
— Neva Lee Recla
PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, September 7, 2021 / -- In a world that feels designed to pull people apart, more and more families are making an effort to spend time together and cultivate loving relationships. Despite the surge in challenging events over the last couple years, families report more quality time, more engagement and more joy when the focus is on family first.

One such family took to the airways to share their secrets for working together, playing together and walking in faith together. Soaring from the overwhelming success of the Superpower Network, the Recla family stepped up to the mic to share their experiences being the 24/7 inspired family behind that success.

The show is called Reclamation and their audience loves it!

The first month’s numbers came in at over 150k downloads and grew by another 200k in the second month: “It’s difficult to wrap our minds around the success because it’s never been about that for us. We know we do things differently and we know we live a life that others say they want to experience, also. In our world that means we’re called to help them.” This comes from the youngest member of the trio, Neva Lee Recla. Currently 11 years old, Neva is a veteran podcaster with over four years and more than one hundred episodes to her credit. Neva hosts some of the episodes and guides the discussion between her and her parents. “We talk with each other a lot, so it really isn’t that different talking with each other knowing others will listen. We’re happy to share our experiences if they help other families find better communication and more love together.”

The concept of a 24/7 family developed when Neva’s parents left their jobs in government counterintelligence and decided to explore the entrepreneurial adventure together: “We made a pretty bold decision to create businesses that Neva could participate in, so we could be together. It didn’t make any sense from a practical lens, but being apart didn’t make any sense from a relationship lens. Tonya and I met working together, so our partnership comes naturally. Including Neva took a little more effort, but we made it work.” And that path wasn’t without its challenges. The elder Reclas turned down clients and speaking opportunities when Neva wasn’t able to attend. But it didn’t take long for the business world to see that the presence of this young entrepreneur was a huge value-add, not a detriment: “We stuck to our commitment and eventually Neva found herself speaking on stages at events that children weren’t allowed to attend. She’s a pivotal part of our businesses and works full time right alongside us,” her dad reflects. But business is just a very small part of the Recla journey.

The Reclamation show covers difficult topics like spirituality, death and dying, effective communication, gender identity and orientation, unschooling and so much more. With an emphasis on faith and creating spaces where everyone can show up in their fullness, the Reclas illustrate a potential in family dynamics often overlooked in today’s fast-paced world. They share success principles like closing down the businesses at noon on Friday for family fun time and seeking win-win-win solutions for everything. But despite the obvious success of their approach and the overwhelming evidence that putting family first truly does yield greater rewards, living as a 24/7 family still challenges some people’s perspective on family. Neva’s mom, Tonya Dawn Recla, provides this response to clarify: “A lot of people ask us how, and why, we’re able to spend so much time together. It’s not that weird really...we like each other.”

And that affection seems to be powering the Reclamation show as it continues to grow and encourage other families to put family first and walk a closer path with God...together.

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