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Designed to save the lives of those on the front line

Suicide is now the number one cause of on-the-job death in the firefighter community and since 9-11, we have lost over 30,177 soldiers to suicide compared to 7,057 killed in action.”
— Joshua Wenner, Co-Founder of Valor Resiliency
VENICE, CA, UNITED STATES, September 2, 2021 / -- Amidst Nationwide Suicide Awareness Month, a Venice, CA-based platform known as Valor Warrior Resiliency Programs, created in 2021 by Philip Folsom and Joshua Wenner, is making a difference in the suicide prevention field. Valor Resiliency provides a platform that empowers heroes or warriors -as they call them - to leverage emotional resiliency training to support and improve mental health.

When they say "warrior," they refer to the brave men and women who willingly put their lives at risk for others and something greater than themselves. They can be first responders, local law enforcement, firefighters, military, hospital, and prison personnel, among many other professions. Sometimes, these brave men and women experience trauma or develop an undiagnosed illness that can contribute to a suicidal outcome when left untreated.

"Suicide is now the number one cause of on-the-job death in the firefighter community, and since 9-11, we have lost over 30,177 soldiers to suicide compared to 7,057 killed in action as of June from research combined by the Costs of War Project at Brown University. Something is wrong here, and part of our society is sick," said Joshua Wenner, Co-Founder.

Valor embraces the cultural aspect of being a warrior in the mentioned professions as something historical. Throughout history, every society or civilization has had a warrior class. It was these men and women tasked with protecting the community and ensuring their survival. These brave men and women were trusted, appreciated, and leaders in their community.

In times of disaster or war, it was expected that these brave souls would be willing to put their lives on the life to protect their neighbors. And, once a battle or disaster was contained, the community would receive their warriors, provide care and help to heal their injuries so that they could rejoin society and move forward as one. It is that mechanism that is absent in modern times. These essential rituals and the lack of resilience training have made for a dangerous combination that will only raise the deaths by suicide count.

Valor Warrior Resiliency programs are based on three main proven pillars to ensure the best outcome possible for every single warrior. The first one consists of reintegration rituals that seek to re-bond the psychological and emotional dissociation produced in the mind by performing dangerous jobs so they can reintegrate back home. It is here we strove to find their core balance.

Next, a purification protocol takes place. Through techniques like meditation, art, creativity, and contact with nature, we strive to help each find balance and purify their mind, body, and soul, something that is easily lost when surviving through the horrors of violence and war.

And finally, we focus on developing their regulation skills through breathing techniques, physical contact, exercise, cold water immersion, vocal exercises, and socialization to access the vagus nerve to turn off the survival mode reaction from their nervous system. And shift it, even from a physiological standpoint, towards a feeling of success.

Valor acknowledges that the evidence of lacking mental resilience skills can be seen directly in the skyrocketing statistics of clinical anxiety, depression, addiction, and sadly suicide, not only in the warriors' field of labor but throughout society as well.

"Our warriors are not asking to stop fighting or that the arrows stop flying. They are asking for the skills and support to keep fighting in the shade. At Valor, we stand with our brothers and sisters and pledge to keep serving those who serve." stated Philip Folsom, Co-Founder.

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Valor Resiliency: Valor Warrior Resiliency Programs is a Venice, CA-based platform created in 2021 by co-founders Philip Folsom and Joshua Wenner. Their goal is to provide a platform that focuses on empowering heroes ranging from first responders up to military veterans to utilize emotional resilience training to support mental health. Emotional resilience training addresses the root cause of anxiety, PTSD, depression, divorce, drug & alcohol addiction & suicide by teaching practical tools & self-care frameworks to re-integrate back into life.

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