Fantastic New Way to Share Google Calendar with Outlook

DejaFlow connects your Google Calendar with Outlook

Share Google Calendar with Outlook for Free - DejaFlow

DejaFlow connects your Google Calendar with Outlook

Share Google Calendar with Outlook for Free - DejaFlow


DejaFlow Connects Google Calendar with Outlook Calendar

Amazing new free service to sync Gmail Contacts and Google Calendar with Outlook 365, Microsoft Teams and Outlook.Com

PORTLAND, OR, USA, August 25, 2021 / -- It takes just five seconds for DejaFlow to update Outlook when you change Google. CompanionLink has delivered a PC product with this incredible speed for nearly a decade. Today CompanionLink launched an online service so you can access this functionality without installing any software on your PC or Mac.

“Thousands of services incorporate Google Calendar, but most business people use Outlook,” says Wayland Bruns, Chief Technical Officer at CompanionLink. “So there is a pressing need to connect the two. Microsoft Power Automate is an expensive, complex tool that cannot do the simple task that customers need; to Add, Change and Delete Appointments and Recurring Events on their calendar without regard to whether it is Google or Outlook Calendar. For customers, it is their calendar, and it needs to be the same on all platforms. CompanionLink understands this because we have been selling Calendar Sync products for more than 30 years.”

DejaFlow is a Software as a Service to connect Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar. Setup is a simple three-step process; Create a DejaFlow account, identify your Outlook and Google Calendars, and press Sync. The initial connection takes about two minutes for most people, and DejaFlow automatically matches any duplicate entries. Once Connected, any change in Google Calendar, and any change in Outlook Calendar, will flow to the other side within about 10 seconds.

“We intend DejaFlow to be free for most individuals,” says Bruns. “So we will sync under 500 records for free forever. You can even connect your Contact list and Tasks, and this service is free provided you have 500 records or less. Most businesses will have more than 500 records. We provide very reasonable pricing starting at $5 per month per user and getting as low as $1.66 per month per user for corporate sites.

For 2 Connectors up to 5,000 records, DejaFlow costs $4.95 per month or $39.95 per year. For 5 Connectors (5 users) and up to 30,000 records, the cost is $11.95 per month or $99.95 per year. Technical support given via email or telephone is for free.

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