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Staff Reporting 2021-2022 Now Open

The Staff Reporting 2021-2022 collection is now open. State statute requires Public Districts and Nonpublic Systems to submit a Fall Personnel Report by September 15. Special Purpose Schools, Educational Service Units and Interim Programs (Rule 18) should also report during this time frame as well.

The Staff Reporting collection is located within the Student & Staff (NSSRS) tab of the portal. An activation code will need to be obtained from the portal District Administrator before the collection can be added to portal accounts. Options for submission are online entry and upload. Staff Reporting instructions are available here. Changes can be found in Appendix A: Change Summary. The most recent update includes the splitting of the Position Assignment Code 2330 – Activities/Athletic Director into two different positions: 2330 –Administrative Activities/Athletic Director (which requires certification, as it includes responsibilities such as the supervision, hiring, termination or evaluation of coaches and sponsors) and 2331–Activities/Athletic Director (which does not require certification.)

When completing the Staff Reporting collection, please ensure all staff email addresses are correct for those required. The NDE uses email address from Staff Reporting (and the NDE Portal) for communications to our Districts and Schools.