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No more scrolling over several websites and visiting numerous stores to find the best deals around you. Log in to GINBOX.IO

No more filling of lengthy address each time you shop online AND No more scrolling over several websites and visiting numerous stores to find the best deals around you.”
— GINBOX, Founder

GURGAON, HARYANA, INDIA, August 17, 2021 / -- How does GINBOX.IO help you to simplify your address?

GINBOX.IO is a global platform that has developed a unique technology for saving and sharing your shipping address. Just as you create your email id, you can create your favorite GINBOX number using alphanumeric characters for the required address. It is specific for each address, and thus you can save your home and office address separately. So next time when you check out on our partners' websites, enter your GINBOX number and save yourself from typing the complete shipping address all over again. Smart right.

Not just that, it offers you an easy way to find the address of your friends, shops, restaurants, cafeterias, and much more around you. All you need to do is enter the GINBOX number on, showing the location on the Google map. You can then easily navigate through it and locate the address accurately and precisely.

So stop sharing your long address with friends and visitors, and opt for a fast, easy way to communicate the same.

Wondering how GINBOX.IO resolves all your shopping demands?

We, as customers, always look for deals and discounts before shopping right! For that, we either run from one shop to another around us or endlessly scroll down for the best offers online. Well, we have some good news for you.

At Ginbox, you will find the best offers from a wide range of products. You can search your product from classified Ad categories, location, and shopping modes (offline or online). So there is neither a need to visit different websites nor visit different shops in your city. Instead, merely log in to and grab the exciting deals that are just a click away.

How do we give you the best deals around you?

GINBOX Ads is an organized online space where businesses post their discount flyers. Thus, you can find various seller's offers easily from where you are directed to their websites. You can also locate sellers precisely, using their distinctive GINBOX number.

And the best part is, the businesses can post their banners or flyers without any additional charges. So you find endless offers and discounts, both from offline as well as online shopping areas.

This is not just all.

Happiness is sending gifts to your loved ones, isn't it. But remembering and typing their entire address is quite a pain. So don't worry, we are here too for you.

Use the GINBOX number for the same and send goods and gifts online completely hassle-free.

What are you waiting for. Join us and make shopping easier and faster.

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