launches new food and drink preferences to further diversify its offerings

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Food and Drink in Chester partners Sally Kelly, Derek Booth and Diane Jefford

Partners Sally, Derek and Diane

With enhancements to the website and the introduction of more detailed tags, users can select specifically what food experience they are looking for.

we have increased our traffic by over 90% in the past year or so and delivered a very healthy return for our clients regardless of the lockdowns”
— Diane Jefford
CHESTER, CHESHIRE, UK, August 6, 2021 / -- Since 2002 has been showcasing the very best of Chester’s hospitality and attractions to both visitors and locals searching the internet for relevant terms regarding experiencing the city.

As the years have gone by, of course the way people search has evolved at a rapid pace and the websites audiences’ expectations have naturally been ever increasing, while their attention span has been consistently decreasing. This has kept on its toes and over the past few years they have worked tirelessly to build a structure that fulfils the demands of their market by being there for visitors and potential new users no matter what their request may be.

After several years working in great harmony as external consultants for, digital specialists Sally Kelly and Derek Booth have recently joined founder Diane Jefford to form an incredibly dynamic business partnership under the banner. This is allowing them to significantly move forward their plans for providing the best answers to these specific online questions when it comes to what’s on, things to do and all the places to eat, drink and stay in the city.

The team explained “This is of course an ongoing process of always listening to both our clients, our visitors and what we see happening on the search engines regarding how users’ searches are changing over time and depending on the current climate and actioning the intelligence we gather. These Covid-19 times have shone a light on these shifts and how fickle and fast they can be. By listening to the needs of the market, the whole site needed to shift to dominantly searches around takeaway food while we were confined to our homes and then outdoor seating took off even bigger than the Christmas seasonal search once we were allowed out to dine outside, which has now expanded to searches for covered and heated outdoor seating. We’re very proud to say that by following these principles, despite the pandemic, we have increased our traffic by over 90% in the past year or so and delivered a very healthy return for our clients regardless of the lockdowns.”

Understanding how people search and what they are most interested in is what does best and that’s how they deliver the best results. When we search online these days, we really get specific about what we want, and we have incredibly high expectations that Google will be able to deliver results that fulfil everything we are looking for (so we can spend our time having fun rather than scrolling through the internet).

Unfortunately, however advanced the search results are, they still don’t always answer our questions as perfectly as we’d like. Often this is because the sites Google has to choose from are not always fully providing the information concisely that answers the questions the search engine is being asked. When Google can’t find us the right results, we often end up having to really dig around for answers or having to call many places to ask questions to find out who fulfils our ever-increasing list of requirements and preferences, which quite frankly is a poor user experience all round and leads to much frustration. are working to take away those frustration points for Chester searches and it’s a work in progress, but they are solving them one by one so that everyone can find the right places for them to uniquely enjoy their time in the city. Dietary requirements and food preferences are key to searches within the food and drink sector - you may be vegan or vegetarian or be looking for gluten free or allergen friendly options or all the above coupled with a whole bunch of other requirements and has you covered so you can either find your best options directly from your search on Google or filter your choices by a whole host of other preferences.

Some of’s newest additions to the site’s search specificity are food preferences to match the exciting restaurants of Chester which is obviously a really key element for most when deciding which is the favoured restaurant for the evening. When you’re dead set on finding Pan Asian (Thai, Japanese, Asian Fusion) or Mediterranean cuisine or the best Italian restaurant in Chester, you need now look no further as’s new pages will guide you directly to quality choices you can be assured will deliver great food and service and there are constantly new choices and new venues joining the site every week.

Founder, Diane Jefford said “It has been a fantastic journey we’ve been on, when you think back when we first started this business almost 20 years ago there wasn’t even an online presence from the local council. We have truly excellent long-standing clients on who have benefitted over the years from all the online traffic we have delivered, but all these new sections we are consistently adding allow us to add even more routes into what our audience really wants. This is adding huge value to both our loyal clients and all the exciting new businesses that are opening in the city and joining us. For the site’s visitors we know that more and more they can find exactly what they are looking for through, often directly from their first search on Google with no stress or unnecessary time wasted, which was always a massive goal for us. We see it as our job to help match the right visitors with the perfect businesses for their needs and wants as quickly and easily as possible, so they can get on with enjoying themselves and I’m immensely proud to say that we do this very well!”.

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