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CoachCare Releases White Paper on Strategies for Maximizing Remote Patient Monitoring Revenue and Outcomes

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Paper provides data and case studies to help health providers build a best in class remote patient monitoring program for patients and maximize reimbursements

Taking on a partner who is well-versed in RPM and in technology is key to an organization’s success.”
— Andrew Zengilowski, CoachCare CEO

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2021 / -- CoachCare, a leading remote patient monitoring and virtual health company, has released a new white paper examining the key factors in implementing and managing a successful remote patient monitoring (RPM) program that improves patient outcomes while generating significant monthly revenue. RPM uses bluetooth devices and other technology to collect patient data from home and then transfers the data to their healthcare provider in real time.

"The Insider Guide to Maximizing Your Remote Patient Monitoring Revenue and Outcomes" analyzes what makes an RPM program successful while giving healthcare providers an insider look into best practices.

The paper’s insider reference is aligned with CoachCare’s nearly 8 years of experience in implementing and onboarding proactive healthcare monitoring technology for thousands of clients and hundreds of thousands of patients.

“We had already proven our patient monitoring technology and implementation expertise over the years, even before the tailwind of RPM reimbursement that we see today,” said Wes Haydon, CoachCare President. “We simply refined our technology and added RPM expert support once the codes were approved - and today, we are driving consistently strong claims success rates for our clients.”

Top takeaways in the paper include RPM revenue and ROI potential backed by actual CoachCare client use cases, common mistakes for implementing RPM and how to avoid them, and leveraging the expertise of an RPM vendor to create a successful program.

“Our RPM experts make sure our clients fully understand the implementation and billing process, are available for all strategy decisions and staff training, and are generally there to ensure maximum monthly RPM revenue,” said CoachCare CEO Andrew Zengilowski. “Taking on a partner who is well-versed in RPM and in technology is key to an organization’s success.”

View and download the full white paper now.

Visit CoachCare's website to learn more about their remote patient monitoring and virtual health platform.

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CoachCare's remote patient monitoring and virtual health platform goes beyond the technology to provide a complete support service for providers. From automated outcome alerts to simplified claims documentation and maximized reimbursement, CoachCare’s comprehensive technology is designed to improve patient outcomes while increasing revenue. Typical CoachCare RPM clients see 11.2x ROI. Schedule a 15 minute discovery call to learn if you qualify for RPM and to get your potential RPM revenue.

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