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The Constituent Experience: Today’s business challenge – balancing stakeholder needs

Target Operating Model framework

Target Operating Model framework

AEGIS Advisory Partners teams with NovusNorth Consulting and announces “The Constituent Experience: Today’s business challenge – balancing stakeholder needs”

NEW YORK , NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2021 / -- AEGIS Advisory Partners, LLC (AEGIS) with NovusNorth Consulting, Inc. (NovusNorth) announce the release of their latest thought leadership paper “The Constituent Experience: Today’s business challenge – balancing stakeholder needs.”

AEGIS Advisory Partners is a Strategy & Management Consulting firm that works with C-Suite executives and large-scale program managers on Operating Model Strategy, Finance Function Modernization, and Program Risk Control. AEGIS embodies large firm excellence, while delivering the undivided attention, care, and individual client service necessary for transformation program success.

NovusNorth is an experience strategy and implementation firm that envisions, designs, and develops digital experiences to help companies grow. Their outcome-oriented delivery process is based on developing a deep understanding of user behavior and needs and utilizing that to deliver business results through superior experiences.

Together AEGIS and NovusNorth have collaborated to help clients define “Experience” and the related implications on the Target Operating Model. This strategic collaboration will help clients set their Target Operating Model strategy, capture and define the constituent experience, and modernize their TOM execution approach to deliver on the experience expectations.

Experience is defined as the result of the contact or involvement a constituent has during a particular event, process, phase of their journey, or work.

A positive experience is one that’s both engaging for the constituent and results in the efficient, high-quality completion of the target activity. However, a negative experience may result in the constituent feeling disengaged, require high effort or workarounds, or cause errors or other quality issues to occur. Every contact or involvement a constituent has results in an experience, whether the experience is intentionally defined, designed, or created.

Properly understanding and documenting the Constituent Experience needs and expectations are an important input to setting the Target Operating Model. The knock-on impacts of experience on the other operating model components will bring to the forefront a series of trade-offs / decisions to be made. This approach provides the clarity required to help your constituents understand the future state, share the trade-offs / decisions made, and catalog the constituent expectation deficiencies for further action.

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