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Inequality in Higher Education Admissions— Examines How College Admissions Consultants Can Help

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Stories of admissions inequities at colleges and universities abound in the news, but change is coming. Can college admissions consultants help drive that change? Inflection at dives deeper…

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, USA, July 26, 2021 / -- Inequality stalks the hallowed halls of higher education. With the gap growing between the wealthy and everyone else, what can college-bound students from lower-income households do to make their dream school a reality?

Enter the admissions consulting industry.

A college admissions consultant—also known as an independent education consultant (IEC)—stands in the gap for students, helping them overcome obstacles to admission. But with inequality so pervasive, how can ICEs counteract this threat in their own industry and in higher education at large?

Inflection, the opinion, editorial, and news analysis journal of examines the current inequality crisis in admissions in this hard-hitting article:

How College Admissions Consultants Can Address Inequality in Higher Ed

Reality: wealthy students receive one-on-one attention from counselors, while the public school counselor-to-student ratio is 1 to 464. And one in every five students lacks any access to a guidance counselor. College admissions consultants can help mitigate this disparity. But who pays to expand access to specialized admissions guidance for lower-income students? This is the perpetual dilemma.

For this article, Inflection spoke with college admissions adviser Elaine Lotus Chan, who notes that
“we all have a responsibility to reduce the inequalities not only in the college admissions world, but at a much larger societal scale. Unfortunately, money talks and our governments play a role in exacerbating the disparities. Our governments can also issue policies to mitigate the growing inequality gap.”

The article addresses this problem, along with these additional topics:
● How the Varsity Blues Scandal exposed flaws in college admissions
● How wealthy students have an upper-hand in college admissions
● Thoughts on structural inequality in higher education
● How money can buy the best guidance counselor
● How higher education is plagued by inequality
● What independent education consultants can do to tackle inequality
● How admissions expectations need to be managed
● Resources students can use for free

All is not lost. The potential for breaking admissions inequities is possible with focused attention on the problem and a concerted effort by those with the power to enact change. Chan adds that there are “IECs and folks in this business who have been incredibly altruistic and who provide free web content and resources to all families.” joins that quest to level the admissions playing field, providing a wide range of resources for students to ease their college preparation and selection process:
● Custom College Rankings—create custom school rankings through 26 selectable filter criteria personalized to a student’s needs
College Admissions Consultants Directory—visit the College Admissions Consultants Directory page to find state-based listings of admissions consulting agencies and counselors who can help students get into a choice school.
● Desirability Index—show the degree to which students choose one school over another
● College Strategist—find a student’s optimum target, safety, and reach schools
● Interviews—hear insights from top education journalists covering admissions and get admissions tips from experts

“I tell all families,” says Chan, “not only those without a large budget, to make use of the available free resources both at the high school and online. Students should absolutely plug into their high school’s college and career center. They can also get involved with community-based groups to receive help. Schools can do their part to promote such organizations.” is the preeminent technology-driven rankings site dedicated to students, researchers, and inquirers from high school through college and beyond, offering resources that connect learners to leaders. (Visit the About page for further details on the capabilities and advantages of this unique ranking technology and on the people who make it possible.) is a part of the EducationAccess group, a family of sites dedicated to lifelong learning and personal growth.

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