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New Biopic Movie ‘DHATH’ Pays Tribute to African American Grammy Award-Winning Soul Singer Donny Hathaway

DHATH Poster

DHATH Coming to Film Festivals Across the U.S.

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, US, July 19, 2021 / -- Director Anthony Cuffie announces plans to unveil his newest film, “DHATH,” at upcoming film festivals around the U.S. DHATH is a tributary film biography of Donny Hathaway, an American soul singer, keyboardist and songwriter who was deemed a “soul legend” by Rolling Stone. Albeit his major accomplishments, Hathaway’s life and reputation were severely impacted by his struggle with mental illness and diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia.

The new movie chronicles Hathaway’s last controversial day before he fell 15 stories to his death. DHATH takes viewers on an emotional journey, showcasing Hathaway on the road of redemption after a five-year hiatus from being held in a mental ward. The movie details how Hathaway believed that his record label and close allies that he trusted most were working to seize control of his music and finances by falsely portraying his mental state. DHATH depicts the last conversations and emotional disputes Hathaway had before ultimately resulting in a horrific end, all to save his legacy.

"I’ve been a fan of Mr. Hathaway since the age of 11. His music, his tonality moved me in a way that no other artist connected,” said Anthony Cuffie, Director of DHATH. “It wasn’t until my adult years when I learned as a kid, I too was dealing with depression, which is most likely why I connected with such mature material. I identified with the pain projected through the emotion within his songs."

In the bigger picture, DHATH provides an inside look at mental health in Black America. The story gives Donny Hathaway fans an opportunity to experience the soul of the legend once again, revisiting the questions surrounding his untimely death. DHATH’s storyline of high stakes and dynamic characters features a universal theme surrounding mental health and ties into today’s larger conversations of removing the stigma of mental health and encouraging everyone, especially underserved Black Americans,

DHATH is tentatively scheduled to be released to the public in spring 2022. For more information, visit or watch the teaser at

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After graduating with a BS in Public Relations from Ferris State University, he wrote a fictional novel titled “Retraced,” which garnered local and national attention. Cuffie successfully wrote and directed several shorts, becoming a finalist for the Array (Ava Duvernay’s company) sponsored WE SCREENPLAY/DIVERSE VOICES national competition and the winner for the best feature screenplay during the 2019 Trinity International Film Festival. Follow Anthony Cuffie at, or

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