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The Hydrogen Group - 3rd Patent Awarded

Our Main Markets

The Hydrogen Group, a Social Impact Company doing good by reducing diesel fuel costs by 27%, while reducing toxic emissions from 25 to 50%.


The Hydrogen Group (“THG”) is a Social Impact business with its Conscious Capitalism goal of doing good and making money. We have a potential multi-billion-dollar opportunity in diesel-fueled methods of transportation with our multi-patented product.

There are over 3.6 million Semi-tractors on US highways every day. In 2020, they consumed close to 69 BILLION gallons of diesel fuel. That equates to $215,975,000,000 (two hundred fifteen billion nine hundred seventy million dollars). Each of these vehicle owners wants to SAVE 27% in their diesel fuel costs!


Our objective is to reduce climate change and fuel use in diesel-fueled methods of transportation including 3.6 million heavy-duty trucks; military vehicles including 6,000 Humvees; Maritime diesel-fueled ships; and off-road diesel use.


Our third patent was approved on June 30, 2021 for 20 additional claims for our fuel-saving device that saves 27-30% in diesel fuel costs while reducing toxic pollution by 25-50%. Our three patents provide a total of 65 claims, which increases our legal protection from patent infringement.

We plan to file our 4th patent application with the USP&TO within the next 3–4 months. This will include our current engineering refinements being developed in cooperation with our consulting engineer, a former NASA senior scientist.

Annual revenues are estimated to reach $195 million in the third year with EBITDA approaching 30%. We will surpass $1 Billion in Sales when we capture 2.5% of the existing 3.6 million heavy-duty trucks on US highways. Our Engineers & Leadership Team are working to prepare for Marketing and Sales during the late 4th Quarter of 2021.

The Trucking Industry's Fuel Cost Problem -
The heavy-duty trucking industry desires to IMPROVE MPG performance and REDUCE EMISSIONS pollution for millions of diesel trucks in the USA. 3.6 million heavy-duty trucks burn over 69 BILLION GALLONS of diesel fuel annually. The average cost of Diesel fuel in the US is currently $3.13 per gallon (April 2021). This equates to $215,975,000,000 (two hundred fifteen billion nine hundred seventy million dollars) in fuel costs for one year! Add the cost of diesel fuel for US military use, such as for Humvees for example, and also that of the maritime industry and it adds multi-billions of dollars spent daily.


Our PATENTED device SAVES 27% of fuel consumption;
Our PATENTED device can be easily installed on any semi-tractor;
Our PATENTED device SAVES between 25% to 50% of TOXIC DIESEL EMISSIONS (Impact Investing);
Adding a 27% increase in range for diesel-run vehicles gives our military a TACTICAL ADVANTAGE in the field.

Product TECHNOLOGY Summary:

The Multi-Patented technology essentially produces Hydrogen on the Go™ by utilizing a solution that is 95% distilled water and 5% Potassium Hydroxide (KOH). Molecules are released through the electrolysis process and the solution is electively delivered to an intake side of the engine by a valve structure. It is a supplement to diesel fuel-powered vehicles and is generated on demand. No fuel station infrastructure is needed. Vapor is the emissions by-product. This results in reduced exhaust emissions. The invention causes the engine to run cooler while also increasing octane. There is no risk of explosion and it does not affect the engine warranty. The unit is installed behind the Diesel truck cab on the driver's side. The dimensions are approximately 12x18x24 inches.

Going To MARKET:

Management is planning to utilize the PIT Group, the trucking industry's premier testing agency, with their "Go to Market" program. They serve the transportation industry with 35 engineers and clients worldwide. Once we complete the PIT Group's testing, which we plan later this year, they will introduce The Hydrogen Group to the trucking industry leaders!

Proof of CONCEPT:

We have established our “Proof of Concept” and are proceeding toward the “Market Ready” stage. The Company has designed and beta tested six generations of prototype inventions with documented results over seven years of R&D, bench, road and emissions tests including 15,000 miles of road tests. Transportation Research Center completed an independent Tests Report which confirmed our R&D results. The 19-page report stated that fuel savings were 27%. One pint of water replaced 11 gallons of fuel. Emissions were reduced 25-50%. This report is available upon request.

We have retained a Business Consulting firm that specializes in DOD Grants funding and entry into the CRADA (Cooperative Research And Development Agreement) Program. This CRADA Program is a high priority for Management so we gain access to their scientists, engineers, and testing facilities, whether it be with a Grant from the DOD, DOE, or DOT. The CRADA Program could ultimately open the door for us into the Maritime industry. The Consultant stated he believes he could also lead us through the process of Government contract awards. This process was initiated in June 2019. The status is currently pending and as such, Management can make no guarantee this Grant funding will occur.

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