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Ryan Kelley Runs For Michigan Governor

DETROIT , MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2021 / -- Ryan Kelley is now running for Michigan Governor 2022. There is little disputing the notion that 2020 was one heck of a tumultuous year. As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic was a permeating issue which remained front and center throughout 2020.

Leading by example.

Ryan is a “boots on the ground” kind of guy. Going out and leading the charge, is what he does best. While believing a presence in the public square of social media is important, Ryan feels that more can be accomplished by working together, in person, with other citizens. If you have not heard of Ryan until recently, it is because he is not actively seeking out cameras to be in front of. Rather, Ryan chose to work on important issues by helping bring people together to find solutions for the big issues we collectively face.

Ryan wants you to know he fights for you & your family!

Ryan wants each and every citizen of Michigan to know that he has been passionately fighting for your rights, freedom, and liberty long before he answered the call to run for Governor of Michigan. To answer any of those who did not manage to notice what he was up to in 2020, we feel that the following list will provide a succinct summation of how Ryan involved himself with the events we were all confronted with last year.

Leading our state back to prosperity will take a proven leader with a heart for America. That's Ryan.

As a small business owner, Ryan understands what it takes for the middle class to work hard for the American Dream. As Michigan's 50th Governor, Ryan will make sure every Michigan resident is inspired by the American Dream to create prosperity in their own life. Every individual is essential and deserves Freedom, Hope, Love, and Prosperity.

Ryan is a grassroots American Patriot stepping up to play his part in making Michigan a national leader and keeping our American Republic strong.

Leaders lead. Ryan Kelley is a leader.

Married to his lovely wife Tabitha since 2013, they now have five children: Isabella, Aniko, Vincent, Ryan & Jozsef. Ryan & Tabitha have called Michigan home for most of their lives and currently live in West Michigan. They have two dogs, both Chihuahuas: Rosco and Rolex.

Going forward: What to expect from Ryan Kelley

The fight has only just begun. Ryan will continue to show up and be a strong, consistent voice for the citizens of Michigan. It is his goal to raise the standard of integrity and transparency in Michigan’s government. The last thing Michigan needs in the Governor’s mansion is another spineless self-serving politician. Instead, Michigan needs a Governor for the PEOPLE. Michigan needs a Governor with a BACKBONE!

This movement cannot happen without you. It is going to take all Michigan Patriots working together as a unified voice and team to affect the much needed change in our State. Let’s get it done, together!

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