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Early admission (or early acceptance) benefits colleges and some students. But does it also create further inequality, keeping out low-income students? Inflection at explores this issue…

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Elite colleges & universities—everyone wants in. What are their challenges to students seeking admission? And are elite schools really the be all and end all of higher education? Inflection at dives deeper…

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, USA, July 13, 2021 / -- College admissions is at a crossroads. With news stories about discrimination, application fraud, and charges of elitism everywhere you look, not a week goes by without a challenge to the higher education status quo.

Inflection, the opinion, editorial, and news analysis journal of explores the current crisis in admissions in two hard-hitting articles:

Is Early Admission Compounding Inequality at America’s Colleges?

Should I Go to an Elite College?

The articles cover:
• How early admission has eclipsed standard admission
• How early admission benefits colleges
• How early admission amplifies bias against some students
• How low-income students may be disadvantaged by early admission
• What constitutes an elite school
• How students might benefit from attending an elite college or university
• Considerations for students who want to attend an elite school
• Thoughts on the overall worth of attending an elite college or university
• Fixes and considerations regarding the admissions challenges facing colleges and universities today

“These articles are timely for any student faced with hard decisions about which colleges or universities to apply to,” says Dr. Jed Macosko, academic director of and professor of physics at Wake Forest University. “The current turmoil following COVID-19 has only magnified questions about socioeconomic inequality in higher education. We want to ensure college-bound students of every background understand the practical challenges they face when they dive into the admissions process.”

In addition to informative articles on the state of higher education today, students will find free tools and resources at that can make the college preparation and selection process easier:
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• College Admissions Consultants Directory—find state-based listings of admissions consulting agencies and counselors who can help students get into a choice school
• Desirability Index—show the degree to which students choose one school over another
• College Strategist—find a student’s optimum target, safety, and reach schools
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