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Calvin Fisher

Northfield - Book Cover

Headline Books

Headline Books is a publisher with a great reputation and has demonstrated a clear passion for fostering quality stories and delivering them to readers.”
— Calvin Fisher, author of 'Northfield' series
DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, July 2, 2021 / -- Rising young science fiction writer Calvin Fisher has signed winner of 2020 Independent Publisher of the Year award and respected publishing house Headline Books to reissue and release his award-winning debut novel, Northfield, at the end of this year and will be publishing his second book in the Northfield series set for release in Summer of 2022.

Headline Books President Cathy Teets says of collaborating with Calvin, “Mr. Fisher and his Northfield science fiction series are a welcome addition to the Headline Books Family.”

In addition, author Calvin Fisher has said of this exciting announcement, “Headline Books is a publisher with a great reputation, and it is easy to see why. They have treated me with great respect and kindness so far and have demonstrated a clear passion for fostering quality stories and delivering them to readers. I look forward to embarking on Northfield’s adventure with them!”

Headline Books has planned a series of promotional appearances to coincide with the Northfield release slated for late Fall 2021.

Fisher has appeared on multiple media outlets like WCCO, Minneapolis, KLZ Denver, and Jim Masters TV and is available for media requests.

Synopsis of Northfield series:
One decade after a cataclysmic attack that drowned the world in a sea of toxic gas, society is struggling back to its knees. People are cold and distant, yet they long for what they have lost. The mysterious Network promises stability, technology, and an ascent to a society even more incredible than what came before. Meanwhile, their lust for power descends upon the world like a dark hand, its grip tightening each day.

After an unbreakable vow to his fallen wife, Mark Northfield holds like a rock to his sense of good. No matter how much he wishes otherwise, he finds himself on a collision course with the Network. The world shakes from their impact, and he clutches desperately onto his heart, even when what’s right and what’s the wrong fade to an eerie gray.

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