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First-of-its-Kind Full-Scope Overview of the Emerging FemTech Market

New Specialized ThinkTank FemTech Analytics Has Profiled and Analyzed the 2021 Global FemTech Industry, Covering 2,500+ Entities

FemTech Analytics is a strategic analytics agency focused on FemTech market that embraces subsectors as Longevity for Women, Mental Health & Healthy Lifestyle, Reproductive Health, General Healthcare”
— FemTech Analytics
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 24, 2021 / -- FemTech Analytics, a new spin-off of Deep Knowledge Group’s flagship subsidiary, Aging Analytics Agency, announces the release of an open-access, 125-page special analytical case study and an interactive IT-Platform designed to provide tangible industry insights, market trends, companies, investors, technology benchmarking, and forecasting on the Global FemTech Industry: “FemTech Industry Landscape Overview 2021”.

Link to the Special Analytical Case Study:
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The release delivers information about major industry trends and sector insights on 1,500+ FemTech companies, 1,000 investors, 30 R&D centers and labs, and 50 influencers in female health-directed technologies and innovations. While the special analytical case study gives a general yet detailed overview of the FemTech Industry, the interactive mindmap and associated IT-Platform distill the major trends and key insights of the project for easy consumption by strategic decision makers. The associated FemTech Analytical Dashboard offers additional insights and interactive features that allow key market trends to be identified and analyzed with a higher degree of precision. The report and associated IT-Platform also forecast future developments in the FemTech industry and bring together the investors, companies, R&D centers and influencers positioned to make the most progress in terms of growth and market impact in the coming years.

Based on a comprehensive analysis of key market players and overall industry dynamics, the project has identified a number of major trends and insights about the investment landscape, R&D collaborations, and many other essential aspects in the first iteration. Some of the analysis’s takeaways include the following:

Key Points and Findings:
- The FemTech Industry comprises 14 subsectors, with the top three being Pregnancy, Longevity, and Fertility, which account for 48% of the total industry.
- The Healthcare category in the FemTech Industry – includes General Healthcare and Women’s Cancers Treatment – is the most well funded category in FemTech, receiving around 36% of total FemTech funding.
- North America is the key area of the globe from a regional distribution perspective, followed by Europe and Asia. The USA is the clear leader in the number of FemTech companies.
- North America (and especially the USA) is the leader in the number of investors in FemTech with nearly 55% of the total. Europe comes in second at 25%. Australia, Africa, and South America jointly account for only 2.8%.
- Nearly 6% of all FemTech companies use AI technology, with the Reproductive Health (29%) aggregated subsector being the most prominent user, followed by Healthcare and Beauty for FemTech with 24% and 21% respectively.

The vast majority of FemTech companies are focused on fertility and pregnancy solutions. But within the next decade, the trend is projected to shift towards Longevity and general personalized female health issues. For instance, menopause solutions, tracking apps, sexual healthcare, and mental health are just some of the areas of new focus in the FemTech Industry. Moreover, the number of companies using AI is growing, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years.

Given the recent increase in the number of companies focused on a core Longevity component, we predict a rise in the number of FemTech companies focused on Longevity in particular. FemTech Longevity sector growth may partly be the result of the increasing gap between female healthspan and their rising lifespans. Still, the number of years spent suffering from age-related diseases is also higher than men have. This creates an unmet need for products and services aiming to maximize female healthspan that the rising FemTech Longevity sector is striving to fulfill.

Emerging global economies will also enhance the spread of smart medical devices and wearables, including FemTech devices. At the same time, less developed countries have poorer access to smartphones and new technologies. In these countries, women make up the majority of the population, resulting in poor healthcare for them.

Key FemTech Industry Financial and Investment Points:
- The overall FemTech market size was valued at $18.7B in 2019 and will reach $60B by 2027, with a CAGR at over 15.6%.
- Only 3% of all FemTech companies are publicly traded. By market capitalization, the largest companies are Flex ($8.41B) and Progyny ($4.75B).
- General Healthcare has the highest share of Publicly Traded Companies (23%), followed by Fertility (18%), Women’s Cancers Treatment (18%), and Beauty for FemTech (16%).
- Asia, despite having only 14% of total FemTech Investors, is the most funded region with $5.4B of total investments, followed by North America ($4.5B) and Europe ($3.7B).
- In 2020, a total of $376.2 million was invested in FemTech startups.
- FemTech Investors mainly invest in Reproductive Health, which accounts for 25.8% of total investments, followed by Healthcare and Longevity. 68% of all investors are Venture capital firms.

The special analytical case study pays attention to the most high-profile FemTech companies and investors in recent years – those developing in the area of reproductive health, longevity, menopause, periods, and women’s cancers treatment.
The release marks the inaugural project of FemTech Analytics, dedicated to providing deep technical insights, business intelligence, and strategic guidance in the high-growth and significant opportunity areas of the female-health related industry, including modern technologies, emerging trends, promising startups, and more.

About FemTech Analytics
FemTech Analytics is a leading strategic and investment intelligence agency focused on emerging markets in the FemTech Industry, namely in Reproductive Health, Longevity, Pregnancy & Nursing, Diagnostics, Pharmacy, Mental Health, and General Healthcare for women.

About Aging Analytics Agency
Aging Analytics Agency is the only analytics company focused exclusively on the issues of Aging, Geroscience and Longevity. Founded in 2013, with headquarters in London, UK and branches in Europe, the US and Canada, it began producing in-depth reports on Longevity long before it emerged as an industry.

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