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Use engine cleaner before changing oil for better engine compression and more performance

engine compression

engine compression

engine flush

BIZOL oil system cleaning

Use engine cleaner before changing oil for better engine compression and more performance

14163, BERLIN, DEUTSCHLAND, June 20, 2021 / -- What are the problems of an oil change without performing an engine flush?

Deposits are hardly avoidable by-products of fuel combustion in the engine. The problem is that the old deposits are difficult to flush out during an oil change without additives and continue to cause the associated complications despite the oil change. The impurities stick to the components or clog the oil channels and are not flushed out during the oil change.

Complications that can occur include:

- Contamination of the fresh oil
- Loss of compression and power at the cylinder walls
- Clattering noises at the chain tensioner
- Increased wear on rocker arm, cam and hydraulic tappet
- Damage due to overheating or running dry of the plain bearing shells (crankshaft bearings)
- Expensive repairs

With the right products, however, these complications can be effectively controlled or even eliminated. This is why using an oil system cleaner before every oil change is absolutely necessary. Clean piston rings mean better compression and more efficient power transmission. This is usually remedied by engine cleaners such as BIZOL Pro Oil System Clean+ p91, which dissolves coking directly before the oil change. But how do compression wastes occur and what are their effects?

Engine compression waste due to oil carbon on the piston ring
Pistons are often equipped with up to three piston rings, and each one has a different function. One of the piston rings is responsible for compression. The so-called compression ring seals the combustion chamber from the crankcase and thus contributes significantly to efficient power transmission. In order to ensure the full function of the piston rings, they must not be restricted in their horizontal movement or contact pressure. However, coking, especially by oil carbon, can hinder or jam the mobility of the compression rings. This can lead to a lower contact pressure of the rings and a lower engine compression. Less engine power is then the result. It is therefore important to loosen the oil carbon on the piston rings with the aid of special cleaning additives before changing the oil.

More performance with oil cleaner
The BIZOL Pro Oil System Clean+ p91 is simply added to the oil before the oil change. Its highly effective cleaning agents dissolve soot, varnish and deposits in the oil channels and especially on the piston rings. The loosened deposits are then immediately rinsed out with the upcoming oil change. The restored mobility of the compression rings results in improved contact pressure, compression pressure and better engine performance.

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