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Intelligent Diva Releases a New Jazz Rap Single which is a Masterpiece

What would get when you mix the world of hip hop , jazz , the lyricist, producer, singer song writer Intelligent Diva, and the jazz musician Aaron Bing?

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 8, 2021 / -- Intelligent Diva is an independent artist who is definitely proving the world that not only is she a music artist that does it all. She is also here to stay. This year the artist has released singles like “Not Making Love “, “Your Love Is Dope”. and “Work It Out Now. These 3 singles have maintained positions on the Top 100 ‘World Indie Chart, and the Top 100 Europe Indie Charts. She also released the single No Justice which has currently held the #1 position on the IRMIX Top 20 indie countdown for a total of 3 weeks in a row, and also is currently on the DRT Top 200 Indie Digital Global Chart. All of these singles were released under own independent label Intelligent Diva Music.

So, what does an unsigned artist with multiple hits currently on the indie charts do next. The artist tells us that she wanted her music to continue to spread across the world. Since the industry has changed the artist made some changes. Right now, the artist tells us it’s all about partnerships. The artist decided the best move for her was to get more knowledge on her team. She wanted to partner with other companies and people with senior knowledge within different areas of the industry. The artist has accomplished this in her partnership with Musik and Film. Therefore, she wanted to make sure the first track which she releases under the partnership would be something which the world could remember.

The artist has definitely done this with her new jazz single “Sex to A Sax”. The single Sex to A Sax was released today on June 8th, 2021. This amazing track was written by Intelligent Diva. The artist has a love for instruments, one of them being the saxophone. The artist decided to write a track which encompass her love for the saxophone. In the lyrics she describes the love scene on Diva’s set. She does set the romantic scene lyrically and with sexy romantic hook. Intelligent Diva has some help on the song to the passionate tunes of the saxophone from jazz musician Aaron Bing.

Intelligent Diva says that she loves the saxophone. When you hear it can make you feel good? The sound of the sax does something to you. It has a great ambiance. She wanted to create a song that would tell create a scene and ambiance which would tell you how it makes her feel. But, at the same time she is a huge fan of hip hop and rap. When you hear the saxophone the first genre of music comes to mind is jazz. She wanted to merge the world of jazz and rap together, where the saxophone could also have its feature with a person who is a lyricist and a singer. The goal was to make the song sound hip, sophisticated, relaxed, sensuous and romantic. Intelligent Diva tells us she pictured the song being able to marketed and played in a great atmosphere, no matter where it’s played.

Intelligent Diva tells us she teamed up with Aaron Bing on this track because she knows he is a talented musician. Aaron Bing plays 21 different instruments. She feels that he’s a jazz musician which plays with great passion. Aaron Bing, is also responsible for the production on the single “Not Making Love”, which the artist teamed up with him. Diva says, she thinks sax players are cool people. She also wanted to think outside of the box and create a jazz rap song which included a saxophone feature. This would allow her to create an ambiance that anyone could vibe to. It also taps into how the listeners enjoy music. For those who enjoy focusing on the lyrics, and also for those who enjoy listening to good music. Sex to a Sax is the song for you.

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