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me-too Foundation: New body care brand launches to donate 100% of its profits to survivors of domestic violence

me-too Foundation

me-too Foundation

Australian entrepreneur launches stunning body care and giftware brand social enterprise to raise funds for charities that help survivors of domestic violence.

MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, June 8, 2021 / -- Australian retail entrepreneur, Andrew Curnow, has launched an innovative new body care and giftware brand called, me-too Foundation, to raise funds to support survivors of domestic violence.

me-too Foundation is an Australian social enterprise set up to donate 100 percent of its profits to charities that support those in need. It is on a mission to convince consumers to support important causes through the power of their buying decisions. me-too Foundation offers an extensive range of products including hand wash, body wash, soap, hand cream and candles, all of which are produced in Australia and made from natural ingredients. Products include a range of different sizes and glorious scents.

“The choice of brand has never been more important. Every purchasing decision we make has the capacity to make a difference in the world and support individuals who are facing hardship. Consumers have the ability to help those in need simply by swapping out one brand for another when they do their shopping each week,” me-too Foundation founder, Andrew Curnow said.

me-too foundation is proudly registered in Australia as a not-for-profit social enterprise and it is determined to make a difference to Australians impacted by domestic violence. It is a Melbourne based organisation that manufactures high quality personal care items, SLS and paraben free with natural botanical fragrances and sells them online and through stockists across the country.

“We are currently working with two national Australian charities supporting survivors of domestic violence; RizeUp Australia and the White Ribbon Foundation. The work of these two national organisations has been instrumental in turning the lives of domestic violence survivors around, and educating the wider Australian audience on the devastating domestic violence problem that is sweeping across the country,” Curnow explained.

“Since our humble beginnings, me-too Foundation has been built on the premise of donating 100 percent of profits to credible charities supporting survivors of domestic violence across the country.

“We are also looking into the future to support the hundreds of smaller charities at community level, who work tirelessly and are desperately underfunded. This problem is not going away without serious intervention, which is why I urge Aussies to think of our Australian made high quality me-too Foundation products before they head to the grocery store to stock up on their personal care products.”

According to Curnow, there has been an increasing shift in all generations towards ethical consumption.

“Ethical consumption isn’t just about being plant based or environmentally sustainable, it is about being thoughtful and deliberate in the purchase and consumption of items that contribute to positive outcomes for others,” Curnow emphasised.

“I encourage more household brands whether they be banks, telcos, fitness centres, retailers, or airlines, to start considering their corporate social responsibility moving forward, as the brand decision for many Aussies is being more and more dictated by these factors. Rather than purchase generic commercial hand soap for your offices, purchase products that help Australians in need.

“It is essential for brands to consider how they’ll position themselves among the ethical and social standards that are being firmly set by society. Supporting brands with ethically and socially responsible policies and commitments is an important issue to many customers. Coupled with great products, companies that have a direct call to action for their shoppers are quickly setting themselves up to become powerhouses in the retail market.”

According to Curnow, me-too Foundation is striving to break down the stigma surrounding domestic violence, and to get the conversation rolling from state-to-state – louder, more often and unapologetically.

“Domestic violence should no longer feel taboo or like something that is secretive. We want to provide enough funding for people to feel safe to make a decision to leave a violent environment, and to help support the great work so many charities are doing in supporting the brave people who have chosen to change their life. By selling as many products as possible, me-too Foundation will raise desperately needed funds to distribute,” Curnow added.

“We are not asking people for charitable donations. We are simply asking people to change their brand of wash products so we can all help make a difference.

“The statistics about the prevalence of domestic violence are haunting and far too close to home. On average, one woman is murdered by her current or former partner, every week in our country. One in four women have experienced emotional abuse by a current or former partner since the age of 15, one in five women have experienced sexual violence since the age of 15, and one in six women have experienced stalking since the age of 15.

“These statistics on domestic violence demonstrate the prevalence and severity of violence against people, in particular, women in Australia. The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the incidence of domestic violence in Australia, which is why it is critical that resources and funding are distributed to survivors, and the many charities that support them as soon as possible.”

me-too Foundation has a bold target of donating over $300,000 to several Australian charities next year including White Ribbon Australia and RizeUp Australia domestic violence charity. Businesses interested in stocking or purchasing me-too Foundation products are encouraged to reach out.

me-too foundation’s products are available in three scents; mint and cedarwood, floral bouquet, and orange and patchouli from specialty retailers and online

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