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Jewelry Artisan Daria de Koning Debuts Bold Collection Inspired by the Greek Historical Balance Between Chaos and Order

<img src=nomos signature bracelet" alt="nomos green/navy no. 3">

Nomos' Signature Bracelet Green/Navy No. 3 is a convergence of Azurite-malachite, Lapis, Chrysoprase and 18kt yellow gold.

<img src=nomos red black green earrings" alt="nomos earrings">

Nomos’ Red/Black/Green Earrings feature intensely tri-hued Sonora sunset jasper. Found in Mexico, this rare stone is a mixture of bluish green chrysocolla and orangey-red cuprite, often with boundary lines of black from either iron or the mineral tenori.

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Daria de Koning Proudly Debuts the 'Nomos' Collection along with her redesigned 'gallery' website and new "Atelier" showroom in Los Angeles, California.

Nomos celebrates the geometric and graphic wonders nature gifts us with one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces

Each of my pieces are truly one-of-a kind. Nomos is modern, streamlined, and the settings are simple....the right balance created after a year of chaos due to the pandemic.”
— Daria de Koning, Jewelry Artisan & Founder, Daria de Koning Fine Jewelry
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 3, 2021 / -- Veteran jewelry designer, gemologist, metalsmith and artist.

Daria de Koning debuts a bold departure from her softly feminine style with a new modern collection that directly highlights the use of precise, geometrically-hued gemstones born out of the earth’s powerful intensity. Nomos, derived from the ancient Greek term for law and order, details the absolute nature and chaos of cubic structures formed with colorful gems and faceted rocks that blend order out of chaos into works of art to be worn and treasured.

“If you’ve been following my jewelry journey, you know that nature is fascinating to me, especially in the geology and gemology world,” notes Daria. “The overall look of this collection is a departure from where I’ve been, harkening back to my very first jewelry pieces made right after my graduation from college. The collection is modern, streamlined, and the settings are simple....the right balance created after a year of chaos due to the pandemic.”

Across the collection, Daria has infused refined touches into each piece: smooth 18k yellow gold bezels surrounding each stone simply to hold and spotlight it; matte finish so as to almost fade in the background allowing each stone to showcase its extraordinary pattern and shape, and held with tiny hinges - a detail which is a vivid departure all on it’s own. Each gem used in this collection is a striking example of high-contrast color and pattern – representing perfectly organized order emerged out of chaos. Nomos at its finest.

Each element of the Nomos Collection celebrates the orderly, graphic nature of gemstones cast from the wild, chaotic forming planet. While every piece created by Daria for this collection is one-of-a-kind and stands on its own, three different pieces define the vision and inspiration for Nomos:

Nomos’ singular bracelet bears striking resemblance to a cubist’s version of Greece’s Azure Sea while looking up to the cerulean blue sky with endless stars. Each quadrilateral stone - alternating Azurite-malachite, lapis, and chrysoprase is enveloped in matte 18kt yellow gold and fastened with a blind clasp that connects the brilliance of these statement stones. In true Nomos fashion, the gemstones are committed to each other not just as "duties" or "obligations," but as fitting together with a sense of belonging.

Nomos’ Red/Black/Green Earrings featuring intensely tri-hued Sonora sunset jasper. Found in Mexico, this rare stone is a mixture of bluish green chrysocolla and orangey-red cuprite, often with boundary lines of black from either iron or the mineral tenorite. Daria and her lapidaries cut massive hunks of haphazardly-patterned rough stone into smaller pieces for use in jewelry while maximizing the beauty of the design in the shape they cut. Here, nomos comes into play again, bringing the “chaos” under control by creating order through distinct lines of pattern and boundaries.
Nomos’ Sand/Black Necklace, anchored by a convolution of fossilized palm wood delicately fissured with the strength of black onyx at the apogee of the spiraled earthen gemstone, and again at the apex of the necklace where the black onyx provides refuge for cascading rows of Imperial Topaz beads. To view the entire collection, we invite you to visit online now.

Coinciding with the debut of Nomos Daria unveils her brand new gallery website, where clients can now step inside the virtual ‘vault’ of Daria’s work. In addition to touring each of Daria’s one-of-a-kind earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, the website offers a step-by-step journey into how to work with Daria on a bespoke piece - from dream to reality - all to the client’s personal request of gems, style and color. For those with heirloom treasures, existing stones can be refashioned into a custom design in collaboration with Daria herself.

“The new website is more like walking through a gallery, where you can immerse yourself and discover details about the unique color and shapes of the gemstones I personally collect, select and curate into singular designs, and the creative process that goes into each piece,” noted Daria de Koning, who has had a lifelong love affair with the gems she ‘adopts’ to naturally develop as wearable art. “Since each of my pieces are truly one-of-a kind I am really excited to debut this new virtual forum that allows me to share each one’s backstory. Because at heart, I’m really just a gem geek and love sharing what mesmerizes me so!”

Scheduling an in-person tour of Daria’s recently-completed Atelier, located along the Pacific Ocean’s shores of Rancho Palos Verdes, is now only one click away. When you cannot come in person, there are additional ways to feel the energy and gaze inside the magical stones; the “On Approval” program allows you to try on jewels at home. Don’t care for them? Send them back within 3 days and maybe try something else.

About Daria de Koning
Inspired by her love of painting and impressionism, Daria sees the sparkle of faceted cuts as accents to the saturated cabochons allowing her to ‘paint with gems’ and intertwine stones into a colorful, wearable landscape. Her generational dedication to history - and polished style - fuels the way her jeweled art blooms into work that’s as individual as the person who will cherish it for generations to come. For a virtual experience of Daria’s works of art meant to be worn and treasured, please visit and to contact Daria directly click here.

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Jewelry Artisan Daria de Koning Invites You To Experience Her New Collection 'Nomos'