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Ignite2Lead: Digital Marketing for Small Business

Ignite2Lead is a full-service digital agency offering highly effective digital marketing solutions to help small and medium-sized businesses grow in the future. They specialize in developing customized marketing strategies to generate ROI for small and me

Ignite2Lead to Roll Out "Support Small Business Marketing Package" in June

We want to see Main Street thrive in the back half of 2021 and beyond, even if it just means educating these companies on the importance of digital marketing in the future.”
— Kevin Thomas
LONG BEACH, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 3, 2021 / -- As businesses look to flourish in the back half of 2021, one thing that should be on every owner's mind is marketing. Without a marketing strategy, companies will struggle to thrive after the pandemic. With more competitors entering every sector and seemingly endless entry points to reach consumers, developing the ideal marketing strategy can be stressful and overwhelming.

Marketing becomes even more stressful for smaller companies. Operating on thinner profit margins makes it harder for business owners to allocate sizeable marketing budgets or hire a full-time marketing position on their team. After speaking to many businesses on Main Street, Ignite2Lead wants to alleviate the burden and challenges that marketing brings to small businesses.

"In 2021, we've spoken to businesses of all shapes and sizes," said Kevin Thomas, the Founder of Ignite2Lead. "What we've found is that many businesses out there can't afford to spend thousands of dollars a month on marketing. They are interested in the services we provide, but it's a challenge for them financially."

As a result, Ignite2Lead just announced that they'd be rolling out the "Support Small Business Marketing Package" later this month (June) for companies that want to have a local presence online and on social media at an affordable rate that won't break the bank.

The package will include running social media ad campaigns at only a few hundred dollars a month to the local communities they serve. Ignite2Lead will offer to create the ads and steward the ad campaigns in-house so that the businesses can focus all of their time and effort on their day-to-day. Social media ads will ensure that brands get more exposure in their respective communities with the hopes of driving more revenue, either online or in-store.

Going back 10 or 20 years ago, consumers would seek out products and services in the local phone book, newspaper, or penny saver. Maybe a local ad on television. Google, Facebook, and Instagram have replaced that for most Americans today, especially the Millenial generation that are more eager to spend than ever before. When researching restaurants and retail shops, the first place the younger generations turn to is social media.

"Small business took a tremendous blow as a result of the nationwide shutdowns, and so many had to close their doors for good," said Thomas. "We want to see Main Street thrive in the back half of 2021 and beyond, even if it just means educating these companies on the importance of digital marketing in the future."

For more information on Ignite2Lead's services, please visit them online at or @ignite2lead on Instagram.

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